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Tiles in wood look

Wood is the epitome of comfort. It provides warmth and cosiness and is representative and versatile. Certainly wood has its drawbacks. Wooden floors scratch easily, they are susceptible to dirt and moisture and are not suitable for exterior or sanitary areas. If you plan a heated floor, a wooden floor is a conceivable bad choice. Wood has strong insulation properties and would isolate the living room and heating from each other, so you would waste energy and money.
But there is an alternative which combines the pleasant appearance of natural wood with the superior properties of ceramic tiles, the high-tech porcelain stoneware tile in imitation wood.

By the lifelike replica of the wooden structures and the use of traditional laying pattern, tiles are indistinguishable in appearance from conventional wood parquet and plank floors. The selection on this is enormous. So there is the oppertunity to realize a cozy wood parquet floor for the living room and the noble appearance of teakwood. Even the optics of wood, which is normally not suitable as floor coverings can be realized such as the elegant soft appearance of ivory wood. With these tiles you can achieve the dignified appearance of fine woods without the need to fell a single tree. This protects the environment and your wallet.

The offered tiles with wood look by the AG Natursteinwerke are known as porcelain stoneware, a particularly robust product. Harder than granite, with an extremely low porosity the porcelain stoneware is frost resistant, extremely strong and resistant to abrasion and wear. Dyed porcelain stoneware isn't simply glazed or printed on the surface, the material is completely dyed and therefore optically insensitive to splitt-offs and scratches. Unlike wood, tiles are absolutely lightfast. Sunlight doesn't fade the material and it doesn't change the color or appearance. Porcelain stoneware is therefore also suitable for outdoor use and an ideal basis for terrace and balcony.

If you have children you will quickly learn to appreciate the superior properties of ceramic flooring. If the children change their spots from the garden into the appartment, they often take unnoticed sand and small stones into it. Especially in the entrance area friction points are quickly noticeable. Porcelain stoneware tiles are unimpressed by stones in the soles of shoes. Harder than granite, it does not get scratched. Dirt and stains can be easily removed with water without the use of chemicals. Wood floors must be periodically re-sealed for proper care, a job which does not apply to a flooring porcelain stoneware.
Untreated porcelain stoneware has an increased slip resistance and is therefore particularly suitable for bathrooms and stairways. The wood optics of the tiles can be perfectly matched to cabinets and installation boxes.

For bathroom and kitchen it should be ensured that the porcelain stoneware tiles are untreated. Untreated tiles are extremely stain resistant and easy to clean, but polished porcelain stoneware tend to increased dirt holding. The reason for this is that the previously closed pores of the material are re-opened by the polishing process. If you decide polished porcelain stoneware for your bathroom or kitchen, you should specially impregnate the material even before the installation / laying. In any case, you must be remembered that cheap detergents, which are not suitable for porcelain stoneware, under circumstances leave ugly streaks and stripes.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are therefore not a panacea and also have disadvantages. Thus, normally porcelain stoneware is difficult to cut and to edit. Porcelain stoneware expands stronger than normal tiles and can is because of this bad to combine with them.
Porcelain stoneware should be laid by a professional tiler, because maybe a special adhesive or mortar must be used. If you want to lend a hand yourself, you should have the appropriate expertise and check thoroughly beforehand.

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These disadvantages mainly concern the installation / laying. Once laid, primarily the benefits become noticeable. Tiles mad from porcelain stoneware in wood look have a special charm and are highly resistant. The character of wood can be realized without having to dispense the special properties of ceramic tiles. They are suitable for sanitary areas and bathroom, for outdoor areas such as terraces and balconies and for heavily used floors. Porcelain stoneware is an excellent conductor of heat and in conjunction with an underfloor heating system you will have warm feet in the winter, while the floor remains cool in the summer.

The advisor of the AG Natursteinwerke are always available for your questions. Take the wealth experience of our employees to choose the perfect flooring for your home design ideas.

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