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Tile formats

There is no standard size for tiles, therefore the format diversity is big. Accordingly, we do offer a range of lengths and widths and special formats. In addition, you get the material wealth of our tiles including with an outstanding appearance. Your choices hardly know limits in the AG Natursteinwerke. An essential point of our house is our high-quality consulting, so you have many years to enjoy your tiles on daily basis. We also offer a sophisticated service that will accompany you from the beginning to the laying. Also we gladly give care tips. As Europe's largest natural stone assortment, we are committed ourselves to these high standards. Please contact us without obligation!

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I. Large formats are in vogue

There is a difference between floor and wall tiles. Wall tiles are on average slightly smaller than floor tiles. The trend, whether private or commercial, especially at floor tiles are large formats. We carry quadratic formats up to 90 x 90 centimeters, in the square also 60 x 90 or 120 x 60 centimeters. Our dream formats, you can see under section "XXL Trend Formats". Here are offers starting from 30 square meters installation space. Select between the coarse patterned granite and nearly faded acting shades of porcelain stoneware. How about bright blue on the terrace and Sahara Brown in the study?

The advantage of XXL formats is the positive effect on small spaces: They appear immediately bigger and more elegant. But you also need to calculate the color, material and jointing. Porcelain stoneware, marble or travertine - we offer an outstanding variety of materials and colors. Take a look in our premium selection: homeowners get completely new design options with these new, innovative tiles and their myriad colors - the best advice is to discuss your desired optics with our specialists.

Fliesen Formate

II. Design with tiles

With the increasing importance of life in matching lifestyle and love to cozy and fancy living facilities, the need for new tile formats increases. The one wants a small piece of mosaic into the bathroom and the other one trusts in the appearance of the strip-type effect by narrow wall tiles in iridescent two-tone. If you look at our offer around porcelain stoneware tiles you can imagine the beauty of future walls and floors. The fine grain of the 60 x 120 centimeter panels underlines the particular effect of this special format. No granite reaches the hardness of our solid-colored tiles in porcelain stoneware.

Living rooms, terraces and garden spaces can be equipped with different tiles. Those who want to test the effect of different formats on a given area, should get a customized drawing which includes the laying direction. Borders made of small tiles - we over the smallest dimensions as special designs, for example in the "Golden Line" - are another way to divide especially large areas visually with multiple colors. Here should be placed a big value to the harmony between border and the remaining tiles. The special series acts, moreover, by the coating of marble with foils from gold, copper, platinum or silver. Pure luxury for your home!

III. Versatile, simple and beautiful

No flooring offers so many attractive design options such as tiles or natural stones. They are also one of healthiest flooring - durable, robust and easy to maintain. Whether wood, stone or metal optics - whether multiple color choice or monochrome floor - tiles in their various colors and sizes give floors and walls an unique character. Even the countless marble variations in color shades from white through red to green and blue spoil with its nuances, shades and optical gadgetry your eyes and feet equally.

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