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A good deal lives from detailed information.

Especially because the selection is so large, the imagination is stimulated constructively by the beauty of the stones. If you want to touch and feel the decorative flooring, it is important that you familiarize yourself before your visit to our exhibition and think about your ideas - which room or outdoor area do you want to decorate with natural stones? Do you search natural stones for your staircase area, the bath, your bed- or living room, the sauna, the kitchen, the garden area or the wellness area?

To get the most effective and realistic advice, you have to write down how many square meters, how many stairs and how many linear meters of baseboards you need.

With your precise information we can quickly provide you with a realistic offer to which you can rely on and that gives you reliable planning. The time you saved by writing down all the informations, can be used positive to look around our exhibition.

How do the end customers come to the AG Natursteinwerke?

1. For example: The end customer has a new building or a renovation and does visit us with precise square numbers, information on baseboards, linear meters, stairs etc. in our showroom to choose for natural stone or high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles.

2. The trained professionals will advise you with suitable colors and formats. Of course, this advice is free for our customers.

3. Product-specific and in individual cases: You want to beautify your home with high-quality natural stone products, for example with natural stone staircase or bolt stairs. The AG Natursteinwerke takes care of this work and travels on request Germany-wide for measuring to your home. If requested, we assume the laying and the installation too.

4. Of course, this advice is for our customers a free service.

5. Optimal conditions in our exhibition: The AG Natursteinwerke presents you the various types of natural stones and high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles in large formats. Through comparative laying you can reliably determine which stones do fit best to your individual needs and ideas.

6. Due to the special light conditions in our exhibition, you also have the option to inspect the tiles by means of different lighting effects (sunlight, daylight, dusk, living space / ceiling spotlights).

How does a customer find the way to the AG Natursteinwerke?

Our customers come by recommendation and advertising to us.

After the specifically selection on our website, our customers from Germany and even Europe visit us in our exhibition with their measures and wish tiles to receive an expert advice.

In our exhibition in Gütersloh we would like to welcome you, with a cool drink or a coffee, you can get an expert advice as at the interior designer.

Get impressed by Europe's largest assortment of natural stones and porcelain stoneware tiles and choose choose unhurriedly your desired stone.

What does it mean that natural stones in every form are available?

You get the entire process from A - Z. Our natural stones are suitable for all application areas.

For example: The stairs and the floor tiles from a natural stone: granite, marble, etc. Just like this already numerous luxury hotels and luxury villas did it before.

All services are possible throughout Europe.

Can I order tiles pattern / pattern pieces?

Since pattern tiles / pattern pieces distort the overall impression of the tile and are not representative, we have no pattern pieces available. We want to consciously distance ourselves from conventional tile shops and appreciate a professional established advice in terms of design & compatible paving materials, which can be found locally at our showroom.

How do I get my concrete stairs / bolt stairs?

You visit us with your construction plan in our exhibition and will receive an expert advice and a detailed offer as at the interior decorators / designers.

If you have decided from one of over 650 natural stones (granite, marble, travertine, etc.) and the order has been confirmed, we will take care of the measurement and the creation of stencils - of course, Germany-wide at your home.

Concrete covering stairs and cantilevered bolt stairs are measured individually and will be fitted / laid like a tailor-made suit.To create a harmonious sense of space, we offer you a color-coordinated comprehensive set of stairs and flooring, as well as skirting boards from the same stone.

Which format examples does exist?

Further ormats are available on request.

When and how do I reach the AG Natursteinwerke?

Opening hours:
Mo.- Fr. 09:00 – 17:00
Sa. 09:00 - 16:00

Phone: 05241 / 2116930
Fax.: 05241 / 2116931
E-Mail: [email protected]

Can I look at the products before buying them?

You are welcome to look at the natural stones or porcelain tiles (in natura) in advance in our exhibition. In our showroom you can always find the original batch. Customers from all over Europe visit us. Our full assortment is in stock.

How do I get informations about the prices?

Prices are available if you contact us via e-mail or fax. You will receive your individual offer within a short time.

Of course you will get inFormatsd about the offer prices in our exhibition.

What should I do to get an offer from the AG Natursteinwerke?

There are several ways to get your personal offer:

1) Personally in our exhibition
2) Via e-mail at [email protected]
3) Via our contact form
4) In our product range via our inquiry form.

If you got any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone. We will help you.

Which surfaces are available for granite tiles?

Granite tiles are avilable in different surfaces. These include: polished, honed, satined, flamed and flamed & brushed.


At the blaze the quartz crystals of the natural stone jump up and give the material a rough surface. This property is used mostly in granite, as a necessary slip resistance for outdoor use can be achieved. .

Flamed & Brushed

„Flamed and brushed“ is one of the latest machining molds for natural stone coverings. The rock surface is first exposed to a flame and roughened in a single operation. With the aid of brushes, which metallic or plastic bristle contain abrasive grains, the flame-treated surface will be smoothed. Hereby, the micro-roughness, which was created by the flaming, will be eliminated. The surface feels as soft as velvet - a real refinement!
Because of the brushing, the more softer surface is more dirt-resistant and it is easier to clean. Frequently brushed natural stone is also used in interior construction. If you walk barefoot the stone flatters your feet and in the wellness areas, it offers a good grip.


Satined means, that the stone is honed and brushed.


As most attractive side of the natural stone the polished surface is considered. An advantage of the polished surfaces is beside the appearance the good cleanability.


Drummed natural stones are already on measure sawn plates, which are placed in a free fall mixer (closed steel drum with a capacity up to several tons) with the addition of quartz sand and water. Due to the rotation of the drum mixer, the plates collide and get an antique look.


Honed surfaces appear depending on the grinding stage and the rock in matt to semi-gloss, and have the advantage that the surface can be regrind if necessary - that depends on the deterioration (creeping smoothness).

Which surfaces are available for marble tiles??

Antique Brushed

„Antique brushed“ has a surface with a slightly silky luster and slight unevenness. This antique marble surfaces are characterized by a very good resistance against dirt and scratches.


Honed surfaces appear depending on the grinding stage and the rock in matt to semi-gloss, and have the advantage that the surface can be regrind if necessary - that depends on the deterioration (creeping smoothness).


As most attractive side of the natural stone the polished surface is considered. An advantage of the polished surfaces is beside the appearance the good cleanability.

What does calibration mean?

The calibration of natural stone products (granite tiles, slabs, etc.) refers to the sizes and thicknesses. The natural stone products have to fulfill certain DIN standards, so the format (e.g. granite tiles 61 x 30.5 cm) is adhered to. The calibration (equalization) of natural stones does also contain the unification of the strength. So tiles which are not calibrated can be 0,9 - 1,1 cm thick. Throughout the calibration the strenght will be unified as example at 1 cm.

What does rectified or calibrated mean?

Sometimes the interested party of porcelain stoneware encounters on their product description the terms "calibrated" or "rectified".

It is a process in which the stoneware is brought after firing into a uniform size. The edge inclination is exactly 90 degrees. This therefore means that each tile has the same size - the laying is carried out with a joint width of 1.5 to 2 millimeters.

Thereby there is less surface available, which can be attacked by bacteria or dirt and the maintenance and the installation of porcelain stoneware is much easier.

Are all stones available on stock?

The AG Natursteinwerke is as a specialist wholesaler - specialized in retail. On more than 80,000 m² of warehouse space, we have Europe's largest selection of natural stones available in any form.

Care and impregnation?

To take care of your natural stones we recommend special products from the AG Natursteinwerke. AG Natursteinwerke offers a comprehensive range of special products for cleaning, protecting and maintaining. All products have the highest quality and are suitable for both - newly laid surfaces and for refreshing used coverings internally and externally.

How much do the different tiles weigh?

1 square meter of natural stone tiles format approximately 29-30 KG

1 square porcelain stoneware tiles format approximately 22- 24 KG

Does the AG Natursteinwerke own an installation / laying service??

The AG Natursteinwerke has qualified personnel for the laying of flooring, wall paneling and staircase coverings. Our service uses the best installation materials to guarantee our customers the best aesthetic and functional results.

Is there any special glue required?

The installation / laying can be carried out with glue and cement mortars. When selecting and applying the laying products, it is important to follow the technical instructions of the manufacturer. Adhesives are recommended for heavily trafficked surfaces or heavy loads suspended floors.


How is an order processed at the AG Natursteinwerke?

1. Order

2. Confirmation

3. Delivery

Why should I always order more material than needed?

Tiles and plates can inadvertently break: At the laying it can always come to waste and scrap. This also happens professionals.

Therefore please keep back a sufficient reserve, so it is ensured that the ordered tile or plate quanitity is enough in the end. The professional rule is the following: Always order about 10 percent more material. Depending on the cut of the to be laid bottom surface or the type of the laying pattern, it can be more. We are happy to help.

A material reserve is also useful in case of unforeseen repairs or later renovation work.


In which countries does the AG Natursteinwerke deliver?

The AG Natursteinwerke delivers throughout Europe.

Do I get contacted before the delivery again?

Prior to delivery a contact will be established by our domestic freight forwarding.

How do I get my wish stones (Delivery)?

We deliver our goods Germany- and Europe-wide to your home.
Our cost-effective transportation is for circa 50 m² in Germany at about € 90.00.

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