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AG Natursteinwerke stands for tested quality


Our high-quality stone blocks are mainly from Italy, India, Japan, China, Turkey, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, Spain and the Scandinavian countries.

The natural stones are mined in the quarries of the specific countries of our production partners in accordance with generally accepted rules of mining technology. In company associated processing sites the found specie rocks are then further processed according to customer specifications, that means trimmed, sanded and/or cut by machine. 

Our high-tech porcelain stoneware is produced from our group of companies exclusively in premium quality. In our group of companies on site in Italy, our porcelain stoneware is produced and tested for the highest quality in order to offer you a lifetime warranty.

Quality assurance

In the mining and production: All the rocks are checked for their required properties. Through regular visits of the mining and production facilities, we improve the quality standards continuously according to the current state of the art. Thats how we can guarantee a quality standard, which accomplish even the highest customer requirements.

In the provisioning storages: With a storage capacity of over 80,000 m² we have Europe's largest selection of natural stones available. The offer ranges from granites to sandstone, marble, antique marble, travertine and slate to quartz which is casted in semi-precious stones. Spatially widespread warehouses, among others in Monaco (Cote d'Azur, France) and in Bergamo (Lombardy, Italy) ensure speedy delivery all over Europe. Before our natural stone products can be released for shipment to the customer, we let them check at regular intervals by independent institutes according to DIN and EN (in particular sufficient robustness). In this way, the legitimate expectations of our customers in a reliable and timeless product can be accomplished. Appropriate certificates can be requested at any time if required.


Quality assurance at the choosing

Natural stones have become a very popular building and decorative material. Whether as flooring, stairs, bathrooms or patio slabs - the usage for natural stones is almost unlimited.

Only the best quality for our customers - for this reason we conduct a thorough quality assurance while choosing the stones. This procedure consists of several components.
All natural stones are selected on site by a team of experienced employees - so to speak the get touched "live". So we ca already see in the beginning of the selection process, where the stones are exactly from and how they were broken down. Only professionally degraded natural stones are selected by us.

The next step of quality assurance while choosing, concerns the quality and internal structure of the natural stones. The stones are wetted with water, whereby their structure is visible for experienced eyes. Based on this structure, we recognize the quality and suitability of the stone for the particular application. If we determine that a stone does not meet our quality standards, we do not select it. Only the best are used in our product range. Because only the best is good enough for our customers.


The natural stones come from different countries, for example Brazil, Italy, India or from African countries - depending on where the best stones can be found. We have everywhere offices on site, so that at any time employees are available to locate high-quality natural stones. Once this is the case, the quality assurance comes to wear. Quickly again beautiful natural stones are on the way to us - and soon also to our customers.


Child labor: For us a taboo!

The endorsement of child labor is a violation of basic human rights. Despite explicit existing bans, child labor is practiced in some countries outside the European Union, among others sustainably practiced in India and Japan.

We distance ourselves emphatically from child labor. There are no children working in our quarries or quarries. Through unannounced visits and spot checks this is ensured. Furthermore, due to fully automatic processing of the slabs and tile formats child labor is impossible. 


AG Natursteinwerke Foundation supports children's villages



To particularly take a stand against child labor, we support with our own foundation various UNICEF and SOS Children's Villages with our sponsorship worldwide. Orphaned and abandoned children find there security and a loving home again. With more than 300 child sponsorships, we are committed especially for the most vulnerable members of our society and support worldwide help programms.



Foundation and cooperation



In cooperation with the Initiative Pro Mitteleuropa, we support SOS Children's Villages and assume sponsorships for people in need worldwide. Especially the support and promotion of children and adolescents is very important to us.

With the cooperation of the IPM we extend our support and promotion with a strong partner.




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