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Porcelain stoneware stair covering

As with marble and granite floor coverings, this innovative porcelain stoneware stair carpet offers a continuous stair which is visually matched on your flooring. Your steps and your flooring can be designed in a uniform look. You won’t have any annoying joints, which affect the appearance of your staircases.

I. Interior construction

The interior of a house or a separate apartment is usually planned the way that the own taste and the individual living needs, a pleasant room climate, a stylish equipment as well as a secure accessibility of floors and stairs can be guaranteed. In this context it currently has been customary to work with both traditional materials as well as highly modern, so-called high-tech materials.

II. Features & benefits

In the craft porcelain stoneware in polished condition with or without polished surfaces for the equipment of high-quality and user-optimized staircases, doors or floor is processed. The positive characteristics of the porcelain stoneware and the high-tech porcelain stoneware include their excellent resistance against mechanical influences and an extremely low porosity compared to water. These innovations receive through various high-tech inclusions an additional slip safety and a wealth of visual detail.

Very special substances that not only have a high degree of functionality, but also a combine an unique look, are called high-tec-wood, high-tech metal or high tech porcelain stoneware.

Behind the professionally sounding term “high tech porcelain stoneware” hide materials, which open up new possibilities to beautify interiors for living and a contemporary lifestyle as well as a spa and luxurious areas, and to provide them with an exclusive ambience. Porcelain stoneware of the new generation is used as tiles, coverings for stairs and terraces, baths or rooms in different soil. The advantages of these panels and floor coverings are almost unbeatable and can hardly exceeded by any other raw material.

III. Origin of porcelain stoneware

The origin of the high-tech-porcelain stoneware lies in the nature, because marble, granite, ceramic or quartz composite are not only timeless, but always chic. Porcelain stoneware will bring a touch of naturalness in the residential and living areas, if it is made as wood reliefs.

IV. Selections & options

The variants of wall panels and floor coverings made of high tech porcelain stoneware are extremely varied and the choice of colors and patterns is almost incomprehensively large. The stair coverings high-tech porcelain are also available in designs as antique marble, travertine, sandstone or slate. From these rugged natural stones are in complex procedures and technologies not only step coverings are made, but equally attractive doors, mosaic pieces or trim components for walls or panels manufactured for terraces and balconies. Due to the extremely wide range of colors, grains and shades of the natural stones, there are unimaginable possibilities to integrate the high-tech porcelain stoneware in various residential and living rooms. Regardless of what kind of room it is, it is possible to select from the charming assortments exactly the right coverings. The cross sections for the plates or tiles are different. Also different shapes and dimensions of the individual blanks are offered. Of course, these elements are also for areas in the open.

V. Porcelain stoneware versions

One of the favorites among the high-tech-porcelain stonware are without a doubt the ceramic segments, which bribe due to the extreme hardness. Ceramic is a material that can be used very flexibly and applied on gravel, screed or other solid and flat surfaces extremely versatile.

For the lovers of inlaid wood and wooden interior designs are the high-tech-porecelain stoneware in wooden optics a real enrichment of the facility. For the floor, on which there are the so-called high-tech-woods, they are designed to present these products to a truly fascinating structure. In connection with the unique wood grains these features are water resistant, heat-conductive and abrasion-resistant. In addition, no chemical substances can damage the high-tec woods. Through the large cut coverings in the plates results an easy laying of these materials. The benefits of these ingredients are on hand. They don’t need to be retreated such as parquet, boards or laminate floor, support a healthy microclimate in the area and are easy to clean without much effort.

In addition to the high-tech natural stones and the high-tech wood, also the high-tech metals should be mentioned. The special features of these advanced materials are first in their ingenious shapes and geometries. The basis for an unlimited durability and a lack of wear of each individual segment build compact materials, that are characterized by an extreme frost resistance and stability in step coverings from high-tech porcelain stoneware.


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