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Porcelain stoneware

Bodenbelag im Autohaus

Porcelain is a particularly resistant, durable and easy to care floor covering that can no longer be distinguished with the naked eye from natural stone. Our high-tech porcelain is already factory-sealed nano and thus especially easy to process, very robust and easy to maintain, a perfectly seamless look is only with our own brands high-tech joining possible. Due to its high quality properties, it is also suitable for particularly stressed surfaces such as floor covering in car dealerships in luxury hotels or at the airport.

Our high-tech porcelain stoneware in premium quality we offer unique in Europe as a floor covering, stair carpet and wall covering, in the interior and external area. For the highest protection and ease of care to be able to guarantee that we have developed our own-brand protection and care products.

Assortment ➤

I. High-tech porcelain stoneware

As a leading company in whole Europe, we offer you high-tech porcelain stoneware in premium quality to the technical properties as well as the optics that you are looking for. In our group of companies with more than 2,500 employees, are for the development of many renowned designer who always modern, tasteful and timeless optics design.

Marmoroptik: Jura Black

Jura Black

Premium quality, 1st choice
60x90x1cm, highly polished

49,90 € / m² VAT included

Jura Black

High-Tech Feinsteinzeug: Onice Beige

Onici Beige

Premium quality, 1st choice
75x75x0,6cm, highly polished

129,90 € / m² VAT included/p>

Onici Beige

High-tech porcelain stoneware: Alabastro


Premium quality, 1st choice
60x60x1cm, highly polished

55,90 € / m² VAT included


High-Tech Feinsteinzeug: Rosso Alicante

Rosso Alicante

Premium quality, 1st choice
75x75x1cm, highly polished

119,90 € / m² VAT included

Rosso Alicante

High-tech porcelain stoneware ➤

II. Quality

Ausstellungsräume GüterslohAusstellung NRW, Gütersloh

A quality feature of our high-tech porcelain is the enormous degree of hardness, there were for abrasion, wear, bending and of course also for the aesthetics of higher requirements imposed by the traditional porcelain stoneware not, conditional or bad were fulfilled. We have deliberately focused on the production of specialized in premium quality.

The quality depends very much on the production process; this is what distinguishes our premium material greatly from traditional porcelain from the DIY shop. Our porcelain stoneware corresponds exclusively to the highest quality, which is both in the properties but also in the absolutely natural stone and wood optics reflects.

III. Application

The application is versatile, both in the indoor and outdoor area, as a ground, wall, and stair carpet can be used. Thanks to the unique properties of the application in the external area nothing in the way.

High-Tech Feinsteinzeug: Akime High-Tech Feinsteinzeug: R. Holz Abbazia

I. Areas of application of porcelain stoneware

Betonoptik: Anthrazit Lappato

With us you can both as the porcelain flooring, wall coverings, stair carpet and a terrace plates for use in the outdoor area to buy. Our porcelain is designed specifically for use with a suitable for floor heating.

II. Porcelain stoneware wood optics

With us you can buy porcelain stoneware in wooden optics, light wood optics up to very dark optics. Both the structure and the appearance is hardly impossible to distinguish to the natural to the naked eye.

High-Tech Feinsteinzeug in Holzoptik Dunkel High-Tech Feinsteinzeug in Holzoptik Antik High-Tech Feinsteinzeug in Holzoptik Hell High-Tech Feinsteinzeug in Holzoptik Mokka

III. Porcelain stoneware in marble look

Marmoroptik: Stattuario Altissimo

Marble is a very noble flooring, which is often used in big luxury hotels all over the world. You can buy high-tech marble and also porcelain stoneware in marble look from us. We offer a large selection of porcelain stoneware in premium quality, marble optics with natural depth and natural veins.

IV. High demands on our porcelain stoneware

From the very beginning is used for the preparation of particularly great attention that one particularly resistant end product. Our complete selection meets the highest technical requirements and demands, by the highest premium quality is a timeless modern optics.

In general it is hardly plays a role, if they are on the search for products for indoor or outdoor area, thanks to its versatile properties, the material are suitable for every area of application. Of course you can find in our assortment also a number of different formats by which it faces in all sizes in each case can make perfect.

I. Surfaces finishes

  • High gloss polished
  • Natural ground
  • Matt
  • Bocciardato
  • Structured
  • Lapped
  • Tessuto

Under high pressure and high temperature is this material in approximately 400 tons pressed. The plates are made of technical ceramics for flooring and wall coverings, have pollution-reducing and antibacterial properties that effectively contribute to improving quality of life.

II. Features at a glance

  • Hard as granite Mohs 7-9 (strength of diamond Mohs 10)
  • Easy care
  • Dirt resistant
  • For eternity
  • Natural stone replacement in less sensitive form

High-Tech Feinsteinzeug Feinsteinzeug im Schlafzimmer Wohnzimmer

Popular formats

  • 30x60x1cm
  • 60x60x1cm
  • 45x90x1cm
  • 60x90x1cm
  • 100x100x1cm
  • 60x120x1cm

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