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Natural stone tiles


Natural stone tiles - naturalness for your living environment

Who ever wants to put a piece of nature in his living environment, should think about shaping his floors and walls with natural stone tiles. Natural stone is an original and developed material. It is made from large blocks in quarries and won with limited energy needed to use further processed. Rather than single colors, patterns and shapes, natural stone brings more diversity in the home. Each tile is unique with distinctive and naturally grown combinations of shapes and colors.

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Shapes, colors and applications of natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are available in an extraordinary variety of forms and colors. Different from model to model is also the surface structure, depending from which stone the tile was manufactured and for which location it is intended. Building-material dealers and DIY markets offer the products already to reasonable prices. Those who want higher quality types of stone and unusual design, should apply on the specialized traders. The plates are usually rectangular or square with an edge length between 300 and 600 millimeters. Its strength is usually 12 millimeters. However there are also stronger tiles and panels made of natural stone for the outdoor area. In the interior are hardly any limits to its use.

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Feel-good atmosphere for every room

It is a particularly robust fleece type of tile, which spreads also a natural flair and enhances every room visually. It is in residential and office premises especially good. But also wall coverings are a real eye-catcher. Pretreated or coated natural stone tiles are also suitable for the wet area. For example, you can provide the kitchen or bathroom a whole new ambience. Corridors and doorways are areas with an extraordinary impact and soil load. Abrasion-resistant and dirt-resistant tiles made of natural stone are grown for these burdens, and you will have much time to enjoy them. For doorways and corridors are Basalt, granite, slate and gneiss types of stone the best decision.

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Marble: Calacatta Gold

Natural stone types

Almost all common types of rock are suitable for the manufacture of tiles. However the types of rocks not only differ in its appearance, but also in their properties. Some are softer, others are harder. Some have a porous or rough and some have a smooth surface. Smooth surfaces are easier to maintain and to clean, but quite cool in walking experience. Porous surfaces are warmer, because they can save and share the heat better. To make the flooring water-resistant and make cleaning easier, an impregnation is recommended.

The most popular and most widely used types of rock are sand stone, granite, slate and limestone. Granite is known as an extremely tough and robust type of rock. It is distinguished by a high abrasion resistance, low water absorption and its ease of care. The cooling-looking granite shines especially in polished condition in a bright shine with a range of color between red and brown, light to dark gray. Sandstone is available in yellow, red, brown and green color variants. It is easy to split and to edit, because of this he is less robust and resistant to dirt as granite.

Limestone is a relatively soft type of rock, which can be excellent split, edit and polished. Because of the lower resistance and higher water consumption, limestone should always be pretreated. Limestone tiles are available in gray, yellow and light tones. Slate is soft, but still resistant to abrasion. It is sturdy and absorbs less water. Natural stone tiles from slate are available in a variety of colors starting from black and red until to the green area. As a particularly fine rock types, basalt and quartzite enjoy great popularity. Basalt is extremely hard and resistant, what makes it universally usable. Similar applies to quartzite. It convinces especially in polished condition when the rock colors shine.

Natural stone tiles in luxury villas