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Natural stone slabs


Premium decorative possibilities with natural stone slabs

Patio boards Padang Dunkel T1 


Garden friends love natural stone as a floor covering that is offered by the AG Natursteinwerke. Romantic terraces can be designed just as nice as playful ways in the garden. Especially the individual colors as well as the diverse patterns make the selection difficult and the result unique. Even the interior of a house can achieve an individual note with these slabs – which is difficult to achieve with other products. No wonder the demand is steadily increasing.

Different types

The paving tiles are available in various price classes. Among other things plays, the selected material has a major role. The can be out of granite or limestone. Bit rustic acts porphyry. Blue Stone plates are very popular and are a kind of the limestone. The optics is here simply unmistakable. Important: The plates should be not only be selected in terms of their appearance, also important are some other properties, such as the composition of the surface. This is especially relevant when it comes to an outdoor installation.



marmorauswahl                       granitauswahl




The biggest advantage is of course the optics, which makes the natural stone plates so unique. The colors vary and there is a different patina. This creates patterns, which are unique on each plate. Especially large stone surfaces get an individual character.
The plates are very durable, but it must be clarified before the laying of larger sizes, which burden they have to withstand and how viable the underground is.

Once the acquisition is a bit more expensive than with tiles from other materials. But the investment is worthwhile rapidly as these boards are very durable and they give the house and garden the perfect touch.


Different laying

The AG Natursteinwerke offers various types of laying. On the one hand there is the possibility of square or rectangular plates are laid so that you have a plane surface. On the other hand, an irregular laying can be applied, on which broken pieces with different joint masses will be laid. The fragments are produced manually, but seem very random. The ones who love the natural effect, will be happiest with the latter type of installation.
Notes for the laying:

  • The ground must be sufficiently robust.
  • The boards must be laid without voids.
  • The joint width should be only a few centimeters.


Natural stone slabs for outdoor areas - worth knowing

For the outdoor area natural stone plates made of granite are predestined. But it is important to note that while in the course of time, a certain amount of oxide film forms, but this could be too strong. This discoloration won’t look good in any case. Therefore, only after consultation with the experts of AG Natursteinwerke certain natural stones should be selected if a transfer is planned in the garden. It is also important that the plates are surefooted, because they are also once moist and then may not be a danger of skidding. There are several different surface treatments, whereby a flue effect can be achieved. Furthermore, it must be ensured that a slight slope is maintained when laying, so that rainwater can drain away quickly.








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