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Natural stone floor laying

Laying of natural stone - a floor covering made for eternity



Natural stone is one of the most fascinating materials. Each stone is a unique and in a certain way time witness of the history of the earth. There are no other elements in so many different structures and colors. Natural stone is not an industrial product, but it has emerged in the course of millions of years. Different layers of sand, lime, deposits of sediments in river beds, lakes and seas and fossils of long extinct plants and animals result in an individual piece of history, which impress with its resistance as well as by its simple elegance.

Already many thousands years ago the natural stone was estimated from the people. You only think about the ancient sites in Greece and Egypt. Whether stone plates in a matt copy or a polished marble column, natural stone is an enrichment for every living and outdoor area. By elaborately arranged ground stone plates, each hall as well as terrace gets a visual highlight. Due to its resistance, to its timeless beauty as well as the versatile application possibilities, natural stone is a highly valued building material.

But there are a few things to note at the laying of natural stone. It is necessary to take into account, if the to be laid natural stone is a hard or soft rock. Furthermore parameters like suction behavior, density as well as the composition of the surface of the stone must be considered.
A further important criterion is the ground on which the natural stone has to be laid. The underground responsible for the durability of the carpet. For this reason, before the laying of natural stone the substrate has to be prepared. Factors such as age of the underground, its strength as well as the given humidity have to be considered. Depending on the application area - outside or inside area – the laying of natural stone is under other conditions.
Another important factor is also the sort of natural stone plates after texture and color. This is the only way to ensure an aesthetically appealing natural stone floor.
Before starting the laying of natural stone, it is necessary to consider a basic principle: In peace lies strength.

In coverings for the outdoor area, the weather conditions has to be taken into account. Depending on the season, the natural stone slabs have blistering heat, continuous rain, hail and frost and snow bear. Therefore, it is important for laying only to use suitable natural stones, which have a high wear resistance.


marmorauswahl                       granitauswahl


Depending on the nature of the natural stone plates there are various laying techniques. A distinction is made between stone slabs with straight end edges and panels with natural edges. For slabs with straight edges, the laying looks like the laying of conventional tiles. It must be ensured that a uniform joint width is ensured. Helpful for this are so-called plug wedges or spacers which are inserted between the individual panels during laying.A guide ensures a straight course or line in compliance with the geometric shapes.
In the naturally formed stone slabs, the laying is designed a little more difficult. Like in a puzzle, stone tile for stone tile must be fitted so that an even, natural-looking flooring is created with identical large joints. It is therefore necessary, before the stone slabs are firmly fixed on the ground, to interpret these, to number them and to create a sketch. In this way you can see if the color combination is right and if the stone slabs were aesthetically laid with adequately large joints.
It doesn’t matter if you decide the smooth or natural stone version, an important criterion is the cleanliness of the natural stone slabs. Only when these have previously been exempt from dust and dirt, they may firmly be interconnected to the ground.

When laying natural stone indoors usually are tiles with a max. thickness of 1.5 cm are used. Care should be taken when laying on unconditional cleanliness. Sand and other construction dirt can leave unsightly scratches on the stone slabs or tiles.

When it comes to joints there should be also noticed some things in the laying of natural. In order to achieve a high quality and above all aesthetic result, the joint width must be matched to the type of natural stone. Natural stone and porcelain stoneware tiles are e.g. with a max. joint width of 2 mm laid almost seamlessly. To complete the overall picture, there are grout in a large variety of colors, which is precisely matched to the color of the natural stone. This ensures that the stone comes in its uniqueness adequately to bear.


Example: Here

For the laying of natural stones also other materials are needed such as mortar, adhesive, grout and leveling compound. There are already prepared materials for this or you can also touch them yourself. Whichever product you choose, it is always important to pay attention to the mixing ratio and to the drying times.

After laying of natural stone, the work is far from complete. Natural stone is a natural product and would like to be cared for accordingly. For this purpose there are special cleaning and care products. You should definitely consult an expert for advice here. Since some natural stones behave like sponges, they absorb liquid cleaning and care products very quickly. A careless use can quickly lead to stains in the stone slabs. For absorbent natural stones a impregnation makes sense, which prevents the absorption of moisture.

Who takes time when laying natural stone, respects the basic rules of laying as well as the regularly natural product cleans and cares, receives a floor or wall covering, which is made for eternity.


If you need help with the laying, please contact us, we're here to help.

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