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Natural stone



What is natural stone? Generally known natural stone are all rocks which can be found in nature, as far as they are viewed as an economic good or can be aquired. Natural stone as a sawn or hewn product is called natural stone, not dimensioned natural stone as quarried stone. Using: Natural stones, both in industry (production of cement, gravel, granules), in horticulture, interior finishing (facade cladding, kitchen countertops, vanity tops, stairs, flooring, window sills, stone in general) in the tomb-production, for exterior facades and restoration as well as in stone carving (monuments, sculptures) and used as natural stone masonry. If the natural stone are used as aggregates, so this products are called "Betonwerkstein". Natural stones are mined in quarries and then sawn on degree in stone processing plants and poished in terms of surfaces. Irregularities, differences in color and inclusions can not be avoided in natural stones and additionally distinguish the natural stone. The use of natural stone in construction has many advantages:

  •     Natural stone is antiallergic
  •     Cigarette burns leaves no trace
  •     Natural stone is energy saving recovered
  •     Natural stone is incombustible
  •     Natural stone is durable
  •     Natural stone can be disposed without problems, since it is a natural substance

The possible configurations of the stone surfaces of natural stones depend on a number of factors, such as the rock family, the thickness of the material, by the nature of individual minerals in the rock, customer wishes, etc. Natural stone has a wide range of colors and surfaces which can't be achieved by any art material. Natural stones with the same or similar optics can have very different properties. A cheaper granite can have almost the same appearance as a high-quality granite. A frequent traded marble sort from Carrara, such as the Carrara C, can rust, another Carrara C can't, despite having the same appearance and the same installation. Additionally the technical data schemes vary considerably, especially in the points water absorption and strength.

The appearance only does not say anything for which particular areas the stone is suitable. The different sensitivities and risks are not seen from the appearance. Calcareous natural stones (limestone and marble) are acid sensitive and require a different care and cleaning than other natural stones, when they are installed as a floor covering. Granite and basalt are very hard natural stones. They are often installed in the outdoor area, as there is the highest stress is. Limestones and marbles are not so stable and are usually found indoors or serve for the creation of sculptures. With very few exceptions (eg. oil shale) the natural stones are in the "Brandklasse A". Merely in public buildings are cantilevered staircases from natural stone are prohibited. A big advantage of the natural stone compared to other materials is that during the extraction and processing of natural stone a significantly lower energy consumption than with other materials (eg. as ceramic tiles) is required.

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With natural stone actually all stones are meant that can be found in nature, no matter how they look and what shape and size they have. Today they are used more again because of its structure, the natural stone is suitable for very many applications.

The natur stone has its imperfections and inclusions, it has differences in color and he is indestructible. In the construction industry, the use of natural stone has the benefits that it is incombustible, that the stone is abrasion-resistant over other construction materials and can be processed or cut calibrated. The stone can also be easily disposed of, because the stone is indeed a natural product. The natural stone can be used in many design elements. Let it be in the construction of houses, the road building or in the landscaping, the natural stone can be installed solid anywhere and promises a long life.

If we take the construction of earlier times, the stone was already the material with which the walls of the house were made. These were the so-called dry stone walls, which helped the home at the self-climate. Inside large floor plates were found, that served as flooring. In the entrance, stone stairs were available. If you look in castles, churches and other large buildings, then you will always find the natural stone, granite or marble, porphyry or basalt. Large stone stairs, the stairways, adorned the sunrises to palaces and other grand buildings. These natural stone stairs were considered as dignity motive, as they set the buildings on which you wanted to reach, in a way of a base that rises the building symbolically.

Known natural stone stairs are for example the Spanish Steps in Rome or in Paris it is the stone stairway in front of the Basilique du Sacré-Cœu, from where you can enjoy the view of Paris. Natural stone stairs are nowadays also applied, for example in connection with terraces on the house. Natural stone stairs are a popular setting in landscaping, such as rising to lookouts, hiking trails and wherever located a stone staircase fits into the landscape conditions.

Another natural stone, which is still a popular venue even today, is the sand-lime brick. It is also used as frost resistant brick for exterior walls, but also for monuments and memorials. So this stone is also used for the gravestone manufacturing, but as well as other natural stones, such as marble, are often used in this industry. Since the taste in interior design of houses transforms, so do the used materials. In many cases especially in the bathroom and wellness area the usage of the natural stone is increased. If you want to tile your bathroom area, then this stone is mainly used as calibrated natural stone tile.

These natural stone tiles are usually large-format and can be joined almost seamlessly together. Natural stone tiles are also available in many different color varieties, as these natural stone tiles can be simply made from various natural stones, which can also be processed differently. The result is a natural stone with an altered surface. The natural stone tiles as well and the processed natural stone can both be supplied with a ground surface.

Furthermore, the natural stone is patinated, brushed or flamed available, depending on how and what you want to use the stone for. In bathrooms area honed natural stones spread a wonderful luster and depending on which stone the owner gives priority, the more beautiful is the bathroom. If you use for example the natural stone Verde Panama, a dolomite marble, which is characterized by an elegant appearance and is very durable. Through its inclusion the natural stone reminiscent of greenish gems when the light breaks through the natural stone tiles. Thus, the bath or the spa gets a slight greenish tinge. Similar effects can be achieved with the natural stone Juparana Golden, better known as granite and gneiss, which wraps the room with a golden glow with its light refraction.

These natural stone tiles indoors or on the balcony, terraces and in the garden - they are with their flowing structures always a special eye-catcher. This natural stone can also be installed as a window sill or even be used for washbasins and showers. Thus, the bath can be designed in many different colors. Walls made of natural stone tiles or made of simple natural stone, make a nice contrast to the other colorfully designed walls in a residential environment. Party rooms obtained by the incorporation of natural stone tiles a special aura. Also in the gardens special effects can be produced with natural stones, either in the design of walls with natural stone or of sitting areas in the garden itself. With the stone you even can build garden houses, which form a special eye-catcher.

The natural stone can be installed at the pool as a design element, either as natural stone tile or natural stone paving. Sitting areas in the garden or on the terrace can be personalized designed with natural stone tiles effectively, they will be the focal point in the garden, because the natural stone tiles are in principle also indestructible and last forever, provided they have been meticulously crafted.

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