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Marble bathroom

Marmor Palissandro Classico
Marble, as a building material of the AG Natursteinwerke, offers you extremely diverse possibilities for design of your bathroom. Each size and layout can be deliverable right from this noble material and you can fully enjoy your dream bathroom.



Marble bathrooms benefit from the design and execution of the special aura of marble. Already for several thousand years, this noble natural stone was used everywhere in the house construction, because it has many advantages. Its origin is sand stone, with strong pressure and high temperature that converts to marble. This ensures the very high strength and resilience of the marble - and at the same time, it is easy to process, because despite the strength of the sandstone structure, its cutting and process are much easier than with other natural stones.

Also in the further processing in your bathroom you have countless options - both in terms of the surface treatment as well as the colors and patterns. The surface of the rock can be milling, brushing, grinding – just to name a few examples. Each treatment provides a different optical expression from the marble. And the choice of colors are the wishes for your bathroom no limits: the AG Natursteinwerke offers everything from fine-grained sand tones on delicate pink to noble anthracite or black. Add to this the individual structures with which each marble stone atmosphere: filigree lines run through the rock and give the colors of an additional expressiveness, the marble bathroom adds the extra.

In this context, marble is an extremely adaptable material, because you can use the AG Natursteinwerke works virtually equip every bathroom with the ideal type of your choice. Is your bathroom rather small and dark, select light up white marble and obtained in this way nevertheless a stylish bathroom, in which everyone feels well. In return, you can create a spacious bathroom with strong to dark colors extent in a transform atmospheric bath house - there are no limits to your fantasy.

A marble bathroom of AG Natursteinwerke has also other advantages: The material is timeless and you create a bath of this high-quality natural stone a room for life. This allows various editing options available to you, to make a bathroom completely in your own personal style so that this room is much more than just a function room that you leave after a few minutes. With marble you will receive an additional living space.

The care of your bathroom is easy and quick with appropriate resources. Marble is very well suited for use in damp rooms with its polishing and further treatment - but for permanent holding of these properties, here are some care tips.
Cleaning materials that have a scratch effect, such as scouring milk, are not suitable for the rock. Initially it’s much easier to use a natural stone specialized surface sealing, from smudges, lime and fats and protects the regular wipe. Also an impregnation protects the marble reliably against contamination of any kind and lasts several years..

The regular wipe can only make a bit of wiping care and occasionally with a gloss care. Unsuitable means, which create leaching effect, are for example the lubrication and abrasive soaps as well as acidic cleaners. The AG Natursteinwerke holds a good selection of special care resources.

The bathroom as an appealing, individual living room – with marble bathrooms of AG Natursteinwerke you create an atmosphere that far is beyond the ordinary and long-lasting for many years.

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