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Even in the ancient times, before more than 2,500 years, marble was used as a high-quality material for building and sculptures, from which were countless antique Greek monuments and works of art made, which were not put only on the Athenian acropolis as an eloquent testimony. The stone was both ecclesiastical and was always been a particularly elegant and had powerful character on secular buildings. White Carrara marble from Italy that was cut out from the mighty quarries and known as "white gold“ was always especially popular for craftsmen and artists and has been preferred for the usage in artwork production.




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On the surface of the dismounted, crystal-shaped and almost non-porous stone, which has been developed over millions of years in the interior of the earth under tremendous pressure and heat from limestone, was born from deposits around and in the coral reefs of primeval seas. The crystal structure of the material gives the unique building material his exceptional gloss, which comes in polished condition to full effect. During the history of the earth, in subtle nuances of different composite raw materials have led to the emergence of different types of rocks which, which showed hardness and structure-specific material properties and thus also an individually-decorative appearance.




Impressive in indoor and outdoor usage

Today is the diverse grains and colors impressive type of rock set, which can act especially as the interior cooling, acting as a floor covering, for stairs and as wall coverings and as well as door and window frames. In kitchens and bars, the material shows not only his quality as a stable floor covering, but for example also as the everyday stresses, that withstands exceptionally well and equally decorative desk or countertop. Also marble sink represents tasteful commodities, which have their own artistic touch. Before one possible contact with acids, the surface, however, should be particularly sealed. The smooth and hardly operative pores, therefore completely watertight surface is easy to clean and is designed and especially recommended for people who are allergic to house dust.

But even in outdoor areas, the colorful and impressive patterned marble tiles on balconies, terraces or garden paths are serving as resistant and especially frost resistant covering. Surefootedness in outdoors is ensured by not polished, rough surfaces. The variety and the expressiveness of the unique building material can be seen in detail in the AG Natursteinwerke in Westphalian Gütersloh unique exhibition from Monday to Saturday before making any purchase in Europe. The color and structural diversity of stone guarantees a distinctive unique kind to every proud owner.



There are marble in all its facets, e.g. in the form of plates, tiles, stairs, kitchen worktops, window sills, washing tables, floors, walls, pillars and many more. The stone is available in almost any form.

He is also deliverable as a pin staircase, spiral staircases, spiral staircases, concrete stairs and carpet stairs.

In varieties of marble, you will find a large selection of different patterns


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Marmor Luxusbad Marmor Badezimmer Marmor Boden


It is a carbonate rocks through the conversion of metamorphic limestone rocks, Dolomites and other carbonate rich rock varieties. This is carried out at high pressure and mostly tectonic sinking, thus finds in the interior of the earth. Due to the high pressure and extreme temperatures caused by crystallized calcium deposits and limestone rocks. Through this process comes a real crystalline marble.

The individual types differ in the size of the contained Calcite crystals, they are generally medium to large crystalline, but there are also extremely fine crystalline grades. By the crystalline structure, the pore space is very low, which in general gives a high frost resistance and weather resistance, but not generalizing on all kinds.


That's how you recognize marble

Typical features on which you specify whether you can make marble, are the characteristic sparkle of the calcite crystals in the Gap Area, which depends on the light incidence. On the other hand, it is a natural stone, which is noticeable by the complete lack of fossils as opposed to law or other types of natural stone. The rock looks back not only has a long history, it is also reclaimed for millennia laboriously Earth. The very history of mining dates back to the 7th century BC Greece, Italy, where the stone is mined since the 2nd century BC. The types of degradation were as diverse as the occurrence, since the beginning of the degradation was carried out with a variety of techniques. In pre-Christian times, it was placed primarily on the strength of iron wedges and wooden wedges, which were broken by the blocks from the quarries. Later they tried to wrest their treasures quarries by blasting with gunpowder, which, however, proved to be only partially effective and huge heaps of rubble left behind.

This is how we win our special marble

At the present time the material is obtained primarily through the use of diamond-coated steel cables that can be used as saws, for further processing of the blocks are often used controlled laser machines. The rock is found in many regions of the world and is broken down on several occasions. So there are major mining regions in France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and the United States or in Canada. In each of these mining areas, there are found other qualities that differ in color, structure and hardness. Therefore, each region has different customers and is talking to different audiences. The import decides depending on the quality and color of the material, so it can also happen that a country imports from another, even though it has large deposits.

Especially famous is the Carrara marble, named after its mining area, the Italian town of Carrara (what the Celtic word for quarry is) in Tuscany. It is the radiant white and is crossed by no additional color match. Therefore it makes it ideal as a material for a sculptor. These finished sculptures particularly from this material, which are also called by Michelangelo Statuario as marble sculptures, because the purity of the rock is preserved during the risk of crushing and tearing, when processing. This blood and pure white stone is dismantled only in Carrara, making it a popular and expensive product. The material is considered as representative of stone and prestige object, by his individual color play and the soft and subtle sparkle to captivating white. Also, according to cultural history, the material is of great importance, important ancient monuments such as the Acropolis, the Pergamon Altar, the Victory of Samothrace and the Venus of Milo were created from Greek marble, Michelangelo masterpieces like the Pieta, David or his Moses shine in glossy white Carrara marble.

Due to the small pore space, the stone can be used also as a building material in the outdoor area, as most varieties frost resistant and weatherproof. The material is also especially popular in the inner area, where he is processed as stairs tiles. A marble staircase has its very own charm and is an impressive part of the house due to the special structure and texture. The tiles from this stone will happily also be used in the bathroom.

It’s also used as flooring in the living area when possible as a stone over a floor heating when it is routed to the foot otherwise it would be too cold. It is important to note that the tile it is very sensitive to acids, they react to vinegar, wine, citric acid and strong detergents with stains, therefore the material in the kitchen area is not recommended, but for the bathroom, it’s excellent.


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