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Maintenance of porcelain stoneware

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I. Maintenance of porcelain stoneware - Thorough cleaning and regular care

Porcelain stoneware - Decorative ceramic tiles for a nice home

Tiles from porcelain stoneware are a decorative eye-catcher for every room. Whether bright tiles in the bathroom or kitchen or tiles in a warm tone for the living area, ceramic tiles are not only easy to care for, but can also be a piece of jewelry for your house or your own home.
Porcelain is a very hard ceramic product, which is unpolished, polished or glazed available in specialist shops. Porcelain stoneware tiles are very durable and easy to clean. They should be regularly cleaned so that their beauty length is maintained. After the wet mopping of the flooring, you should only commit it when it is completely dry.
Regularly cleaned tile floors look attractive and new. They are also less susceptible to contamination of all kinds.

II. Regular cleaning of porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware tiles should be regularly cleaned. To remove the dirt better, a special porcelain stoneware cleaner can be used. Depending on the type of pollution and cleaning agent, you should give about 10 to 60 ml cleaning additives in 8 l water filled bucket. If your floor is very dirty, you can slightly increase the amount of the cleaning agent. The water should not be too hot. Then wipe the porcelain stoneware tiles with a well-moistened mop. The wiped surfaces should be thoroughly dried before being re-entered.
There are several porcelain stoneware maintenance products commercially available, that are perfectly adequate under normal conditions of the soil. With the useful cleaners, you maintain and clean your tile floors in one work step. An additional wipe of the porcelain stoneware is generally not necessary.
If only little dirt is present, a steam cleaner for cleaning and maintenance of the porcelain stoneware is also suitable. In this way can the ceramic tiles can be maintained entirely without chemical additives .
To remove stubborn dirt or in commercial used spaces, a porcelain stoneware intensive cleaner is recommended. With an intensive cleaner also stubborn grease stains, paints or lacquer traces can be removed. If you want to remove tar or wax stains from your porcelain stoneware floor, you should use special oil and wax remover.
If you have scale or water stains in the bathroom, you should regularly use sanitary cleaners, which removes soap residue and urine stone successfully. To support the effect of cleaning, you can also carefully rub particularly heavily contaminated areas mechanically. It should be ensured that there is a suitable shy pad used. Some of the scouring pads can also scratch the surface of ceramic tiles.
This information for the cleaning and care of porcelain stoneware can and should only be first suggestions. If you do not know exactly how to maintain your porcelain stoneware floor best, you can also apply to tillers. If there are any cleaning issues or other uncertainties, a specialist will suggest a cleaning product which best suits to your tile floor.

III. Porcelain stoneware - Additional impregnation

Should the porcelain stoneware floor be impregnated? Especially for newly laid porcelain stoneware floor an additional impregnation is recommended. Under an impregnation in general, you understand the process to get floor coverings water and dirt repellent.
A protection impregnation for porcelain stoneware is easy to do with a wiping cloth. The impregnation should only be used on fully dry surfaces and applied with a very thin layer. An excess of liquid is carefully to remove. The treated area should be protected one day against moisture. The drying time depends both on the treated surface and on the local conditions.
With this protective impregnation porcelain stoneware floor receive an optimum protection. There are less frequently dots or streaks. If there are still stains, they can be removed more easily. A good impregnation can thus only be recommended, because the later maintenance effort for porcelain stoneware is in limits.

In some organizations, porcelain stoneware tiles must be impregnated. All porcelain stoneware tiles from the AG Natursteinwerke doesn't have to be impregnated, since this was already considered in the production. Some porcelain stoneware tiles even have a nano-coating.

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IV. Common errors in the care of porcelain stoneware

Here we want to give some error examples, which can lead to unsightly streaks or even damage the porcelain.
For the cleaning and care of porcelain stoneware, often wrong cleaning agents are used. Cheap cleaning agents that are not matched on the special needs of porcelain stoneware, can cause ugly smears and streaks and sometimes attack the tiles. These strips are difficult to remove. So you should ensure that only cleaner is used, that is suitable for ceramic tiles.
Polished porcelain stoneware requires regular care and protection, even if the interface doesn’t seem pollute! Best suited for this are combined cleaning agents, which offer care as well as protection.
Frequently for the cleaning and care of porcelain stoneware, an abrasive sustainable product is used. This is in any case to avoid, as they could scratch the surface of the porcelain stoneware.
Another mistake is to wipe the floor too often. In the daily care of the porcelain stoneware floor, it is usually enough to treat it with a vacuum cleaner.

V. Cleaning and forward bending from stains in porcelain stoneware

Our high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles are already factory nano-sealed and offer the best protection against deep dirt and stains, in addition we can offer you our specially to our products coordinated care, cleaning and protection products, these ensure an even higher level of protection against stains and dirt on porcelain stoneware tiles. Our maintenance, cleaning and protection products are on biological basis and easy to use.

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