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Luxury Parquet


Worldwide selected parquet for your living comfort

There are high-grade woods all over the world, which impart their very own flair to your living space. As an expert for high-grade flooring we exclusively offer you parquet in premium quality. Worldwide selected woods, which are all manufactured to extremely reliable easy-care floorboards can be found in the assortment of AG Natursteinwerke.


The naturally beautiful aura, the warmth and comfort of noble woods enrich any living ambience. According to your taste you can give free rein to your design wishes, because elegant luxury parquet suits to any style. Rustically and cosy or clean and modern, a coordinated floor harmonically rounds off your interior. Thereby you decide without exception between high-grade parquet, which differs in colour design and emphasises your interior style. Durable and reliable, thereby wonderful and easy-care, you will be delighted by your natural floor made of wood.


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Premium parquet made of sustainable woods

The AG Natursteinwerke places great value on sustainability and takes care of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. During processing of a natural resource such as wood unnecessary long transport routes are avoided. The woods have their origin from sustainably and responsibly cultivated forests, while the actual manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and resource-saving.


Parquet (see Wikipedia) in premium quality is a piece of nature in your home, whose warmth and elegant aura cannot be exceeded by any other flooring. Luxury parquet from our company is thanks to the special processing extremely reliable and easy-care. This starts with an optically seamless laying and ends with the fact that the 3-layer-system floorboards don't need to be grinded. The special build provides a resistant laying, which prevents the wood from further working. Using coordinated care products you will clean your natural floor without additional expenses and you will be delighted by the special aura.


Designing individual ambience with wonderful formats

With extra long floorboards you can especially exclusively design living spaces according to your wishes. Within our large selection you will find parquet at dream formats such as 400 x 24 cm or even 500 x 30 cm. Design your living space with these exceptional formats as you have seen it only on TV or in movies so far.


Use our advice, by which designers and architects impart your home a breathe of Hollywood with natural floorings made of 100% sustainable wood. Due to the combination with free-floating stairs and selected natural stones you design a luxurious and harmonic style which you simply feel comfortable with. Due to an optically seamless laying your room will be even more impressing an will excite you every day new. In our showrooms our professional employees will be available for you and you will find a large selection on refined application examples which will inspire you.


On the floor, the stairs or in the bathroom luxury parquet shines


The handcrafted art during manufacturing makes our parquet an all-rounder. A seamless laying of your high-grade parquet is thanks to the special floorboard build also in bathrooms possible. Where you had to use tiles or vinyl so far you now can beautify also your bathroom with our elegant quality parquet. By skilful combining different natural products such as parquet, marble or granite a wellness bath of excellent quality arises, which in addition is easy-care and reliable.


For a harmonic design in the whole house floors play an important role. The flooring links different rooms and creates a very special effect. In order to link several floors tastefully with eachother a stair covering made of identical wood will be awesome. The AG Natursteinwerke covers stairs of any kind with different natural products. By this concrete and bolt stairs will become real eyecatchers, while free-floating stairs made of noble materials are virtually floating in the air.

Wonderful design with professional planning and laying

In order to let your living dreams come true a good room planning as well as professional laying of noble parquet is the best basis. In our showrooms you will be inspired by versatile application examples and the AG Natursteinwerke experts will consult you in any matters. Designers and architects, who create Europe-wide luxurious hotels and representative rooms, will join you on your way to your new living space with parquet in wonderful formats and colours.


Upon request you can let your parquet get laid by our employees and with that ensure the exceptional seamless floor optic without any major expense. Design your stairs, floors and bathrooms with an exclusive parquet, which emits its elegant charme throughout the complete room. You will long-term enjoy the comfort, because our high-grade parquet is easy-care and does not need to be grinded.

Professional laying

The most beautiful natural stone or parquet loses its value when it is not properly processed and routed. Not every good tiler can automatically relocate natural stones or parquet, too. Because it is important to note several aspects of natural stones and parquet. For every different type of natural stone and parquet the suitable laying materials and laying methods must be selected.

The professional laying and installation of natural stones and parquet is as much important for the overall result as the quality of selected natural stones and parquet. We therefore work together with an experienced team of selected publishers, that has excellent technical expertise and extensive professional experience.


Thanks to the high tech characteristics it is possible to avoid any additional joints or expansion joints. Only in combination with our AG-N FLEX Spezial special glue, the compatible AG-N B-component as well as the 3-Level Strain System a continuously seamless optic is guaranteed. Our layers are especially trained on seamless laying and will create a homogeneous overall picture. Upon request our layers will take measurements and perform laying at your place Germany- and Europe-wide. Our specially trained layers design layers are experts in laying with minimum joint width. Due to their excellent technical expertise and long-standing experience we can guarantee you the best results. Upon request our layers will take measurements and perform laying at your place Germany- and Europe-wide.




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