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Luxury marble

Luxus Marmorfliesen


Luxurious natural marble was already to the wedding of Rome a preferred building material of the Roman nobles and former extremely wealthy citizens. He stayed over several centuries a status symbol, which only a few people could afford. Still there can be often found doors and floors of luxurious natural marble in the ancient estate, whereby predominantly white marble sorts were used.






A particularly legendary Italian natural marble for example, is the "Carrara marble". He was often installed at the old time in the great buildings of southern Europe and can now be purchased for one's own country at the firm AG Natursteinwerke in all variants. Some of the most popular types of marble have their origin in Italy because in Italy the European and global marble- and natuaral stone business flourishes for several centuries. Even today, the needed natural marble in the world is preferred based on Italy.

In cities such as Verona or Padua and Masa still hundreds of marble producers and traders have their home and serve all customers with luxury marble. Italian stonemasons are also world-famous for their excellent work. Especially for complex and technically sophisticated marbles Italian manufacturers are mostly commissioned. Italian natural marble of this production is purchased by masons already as polished marble slab and according to individual needs of customers is tailored by the AG Natursteinwerke to produce a luxury countertop for the kitchen or a vanity plate for the bathroom.

Until today this natural stone, which is still cumbersome and costly recovered and processed, is combined with timeless elegance and pure luxury. By using this precious rock, which is available at the firm AG Natursteinwerke in excellent quality, the production of modern commodities such as marble sink is possible and exclusive charm can move in each domicile. Such sinks and other details handmade from natural marble are unique and transform with its puristic flair even the most simple bath into a stylish spa oasis.

You can enjoy yourself with unique imaginative thoughts of Roman luxury baths. The exclusive washbasins are available in various shapes, designs and colors and sizes. Whether conical, trapezoidal or oval, every taste and furnishing style can be combined with them. Natural marble is always an impressive building material, which always emanates an understated elegance and is also very easy to maintain.

When using the tiles in private sectors like the bathroom, the kitchen or as floor, there are some aspects which should be considered. Natural stones, as they are available at the AG Natursteinwerke, basically possess different degrees of hardness, whereby the natural marble is one of the likely softer natural rocks. For this reason, luxury marble is only used under certain conditions in flooring. Racked areas such as entrance halls, which always experience a large influx of visitors should therefore be better equipped with granite. Luxury Marble should be already sealed for reasons of care before the installation / laying

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