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Kitchen countertops


The kitchen is the center of an apartment, the kitchen countertop in turn, the center of the kitchen. Who only thinks of the warm material wood here, is wrong. Also the supposedly cold stone could bring in form of a countertop warmth to the communication center of an apartment. The company AG Natursteinwerke shows, how rewarding that could be for the kitchen. It shows how, for example granite or marble appeal in the kitchen. Uniquely, they are also made of porcelain stoneware.

Kitchen countertops: The warm heart of stone kitchen

Not only in these fields granite has advantages in the kitchen: The stone is heat-resistant. In addition, the material still offer the advantages of being odorless and easy to clean. The granite sort Coffee Imperial Extra for example complements the fitted kitchen with its light gray color. It also has a high decorative and design value. From granite also floor and wall coverings can be prepared - and much more.

Granite as kitchen countertops

River Gold Granit Arbeitplatte

What homely enrichment the countertops of the AG Natursteinwerke represent for the kitchen in general, show the exhibition at the german site in Gütersloh (NRW). Another subsidiary is also in France (Monaco / Nice). For the end of 2016 a next opening in Munich is planned. How cooking islands are the "communication center" of an appartment, is shown in the example from Nero Marquina marble. The black marble of the kitchen island contrasts impressively with the white of the kitchen cabinets and the light beige lampshades. Further fields of application are for example marble washbasins or bathtubs orders - and this is still not all.

Especially the slabs of porcelain stoneware are to ones, which are not only functional, but also unfold a visually great effect. This uniqueness is only available at the AG Natursteinwerke. Porcelain stoneware comes in all areas of residential premises design to use, as well as in the kitchen. It is frost-resistant due to the low porosity and therefore also suitable for garden and patio areas. Slabs made of this material are incidentally recommended for people with allergies. Porcelain stoneware is also suitable for hall flooring or natural stone stairs - and even for many other purposes.

Marble as kitchen countertops

Coffe Imperial Arbeitplatte

The AG Natursteinwerke guarantees for natural stone and porcelain stoneware in the best quality: All materials can not only be used as countertops. With over 650 varieties is this factory in Europe unique with its offer. The service ranges from the reduction in the quarry, on to the delivery throughout Europe, until the laying. The company with 1,200 employees can look back on 150 years of tradition - and not just in the area of kitchen countertops. The material for your unique product comes from manufacturing facilities in Germany and Italy.

Porcelain stoneware as kitchen countertops

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