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Granite slabs in premium quality


Granite slabs are very durable and versatile. This makes them ideal for the interior design of different spaces. Like all natural stones also granite plates may vary in color and texture. adurch sind sie für die Innengestaltung unterschiedlicher Räume ideal geeignet. The color scale of the granite slabs ranging from white through gray blue and dark red to black shades. Basically, granite slabs can be combined with any furnishing style. Granite slabs are easy to maintain and are characterized by their natural properties.

Due to the high thermal conductivity, granite slabs are also ideal as flooring on underfloor heating systems. Most often you will find granite slabs in tile form as flooring.


Granite slabs in tile formats

Nero Assoluto Africa Granite slabs

Granite slabs

Nero Assoluto

Premium quality, 1st choice
61x30,5x1cm, highly polished

45,90 € / m² incl. VAT

Granite slabs: Nero Assoluto

Imperial White Premium Granite slabs

Granite slabs

Imperial White Premium

Premium quality, 1st choice
60x40x1cm, highly polished

68,90 € / m² incl. VAT

Granite slabs: Imp. White Prem.

Astoria Ivory Granite slabs

Granite slabs

Astoria Ivory

Premium quality, 1st choice
60x40x1cm, highly polished

78,90 € / m² incl. VAT

Granite slabs: Astoria Ivory

Impala India Granite slabs

Granite slabs

Impala India

Premium quality, 1st choice
61x30,5x1cm, highly polished

44,90 € / m² incl. VAT

Granite slabs: Impala India

Granite slabs selection ➤

I. Extravagant and modern granite slabs

Labradorite White

Granite slabs are ideal to conjure up a special and luxurious ambience in every living room. The granite slabs can be tailored as desired from whole green sheets and are available in numerous shades and surfaces.

Granite slabs can also be used as flooring and wall covering in the bath & shower area. Granite slabs are not only very popular for its functionality, but also for being a visual highlight. The granite slabs can be beautifully used as an optical highlight, for this reason the granite slabs are often selected in noticeable or extravagant color hues.

Since each granite slab is customized as requested & made to measure, every single granite slab a unicum. Due to the high resistance and the ease of care of granite slabs, they also can be safely placed in the kitchen area, with the function as kitchen countertop or kitchen mirror.

Selection of granite slabs ➤

II. Natural product: Granite slabs and their production

Küchenarbeitsplatte aus Granit

Since natural granite is a purely natural building material and can not be made in an artificial way, the respective production site of granite slabs or tiles, must be near the mine site for economic reasons. High quality granite slabs are manufactured in different countries and the final product often depends on the natural granite quality and the technical equipment of the mining company.

The term granite slabs usually stands for a semi-finished product. They are also known as raw or large slabs. These slices are cut from a raw granite block in the required thickness of the workpiece. Depending on the dimensions of the raw granite block, granite slabs can reach a length of 200 up to 330 centimeters. The height dimensions of each granite slabs also depend on the raw granite block and can be up to 120 to 220 centimeters. The thickness of individual granite slabs is aligned with the intended use.

Granite slabs with a thickness of 2 centimeters are primarily used for granite windowsills, cover panels and risers or wall panels and partly also for floor panels. Granite slabs get to the flooring slab production, if the needed area is too small for the Taglia-Blochi machine or the required form of the flooring slabs does not allow the usage of a Taglia-Blochi machine. Granite slabs with three centimeters thickness usually are used for stair treads, washbasins and window sills, as well as cover plates or kitchen countertops.

A four-centimeter thick granite slab on the other hand, is due to its increased material costs, less frequently used for windowsills or stair treads. Cantilevered stairs for example, are glued with two three centimeters thick granite slabs reinforced by glass fiber fabric. Thereby the risk of fracture of the granite slabs is considerably reduced, since such cantilevered stairs possess a substantial static importance. To produce massive block stairs, granite slabs with 15 up to 18 centimeters thickness are needed.

III. Application of our granite slabs

Via Latea Granitplatten
The various application possibilities of the respective granite slabs require, that the surfaces are treated with very different processing methods. Granite slabs for individual processing can be delivered for example polished or sanded, bush-hammered, sandblasted, flamed, brushed or sawed.

From a single raw granite block there can be cut varying degrees of granite slabs. This is of great importance since set or treads steps, countertops or rear panels from the same raw granite block achieve a maximum unit of structure and color. Often granite slabs or tiles which were made in a Taglia-Blochi production, are conducted under the name of granite slabs commercially, even if such prodcts were made of granite slices.

Granite slabs for large areas

With granite slabs you can furnish even large areas such entrance halls stylish. To prevent unsightly joints, the material should be ordered in the exact size. Increased slip resistance must also be considered. Since granite slabs have a homogeneous surface, with appropriate polishes a perfect gloss can be achieved, which also represents an immense source of danger. Hereby, brushed natural stone slabes of granite are the better choice.

IV. Granite slabs for versatile use

The popularity of granite in the interior design can not only be explained by its unique appearance, the oscillating structures and its color games. It is particularly in the hardness and solidity of the stone. Depending on the processing of the surface of the stone, granite slabs can be used as flooring, kitchen countertops or vanity tops. They convince with the resilience of the stone, which can be exposed to heavy loads and acidic material. This natural stone is especially used in the area of floor covering and as a material for stairs. If he is processed accordingly, he guarantees particular slip- and step solidity resistance. This unique natural product is particularly sustainable and both in recovery and in processing almost free of pollutants.

Furthermore granite slabs are a singular individual product which shows a lot of advantages compared to industrially manufactured products. Whether it comes to floors, stair coverings, window sills, countertops or washbasins: The stability and soundness of that natural stone can only be matched by its elegant and exclusive appearance. Granite tiles set special accents and provide a lot of individuality in every room. Through their noble and high-quality appearance, granite slabs give all interiors the right shine.

It definitely is worth investing in valuable granite slabs, as they won't ever lose their laster even after years. Granite slabs are available in different arrangements (honed, polished, brushed and flamed), which extended its capabilities accordingly. Tiles in a square shape always act classy and timeless. They emphasize the characteristic look of granite. characteristic look of granite. Futhermore the square tile format is suitable for the laying of different colors on just one area. Thus, for example a checkerboard pattern with square granite slabs in contrasting shades can be perfectly laid. To guarantee the uniqueness of each individual granite tile and get the most out of it, it is recommended to use color adjusted and color-stable high-tech joints when laying.

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