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Granite cantilevered Staircases

Granit Freitragende Treppen
Granite cantilever staircases are bolt stairs which act extremely intricate and fulfill the stairway with light. Even outdoors, they are well suited. The basic principle is to use wall anchors, where the stages of the cantilevered granite stair are mounted in the wall. The levels boards are bolted together by bolts stairs. This type of staircases is available in different materials, but cantilevered granite staircases bring a particularly high quality-rustic atmosphere into the house.


Cantilever granite staircases: Structure and Integration

A banister carries cantilevered granite staircases on special stair bolts. Since fixed door parts and glass windows need to be conquered, up to 130 cm are used for bridging reinforced stair bolts. Especially in renovation of old buildings, the system has proven itself, because the installation is carried out with very low noise and dirt harassment. The stairs have followed an extremely high durability. We exclusively deliver stair-bolt-systems that are licensed by the German Institute for Building Technology. Thus, the stability of a cantilever bolt stair according to European and international standards is guaranteed. This concerns cantilever granite staircases as well as systems with marble and other natural stones.

Why cantilever granite staircases?

Of course you can also choose a different material, but the material granite has immense advantages on. There are few equally beautiful ways to arrange a vertical drop into a work of art. Granite can be installed in various types of staircases, for example, in the lining stairs, where the granite slabs are laid on the concrete core. Here the granite does not fulfill any static role and can be very thin with three to four centimeters, even ultra-thin one-centimeter-coverings are possible. A distinction here are steps and risers, which require different granite slabs. The material is so robust that it is very often used in the outdoor area, but here you should pay attention to frost-resistant granite. Even cantilever granite staircases appeal in the outside very attractive - here it is important to pay attention to a non-slip surface even more than in the interior. Risers must be used because of their higher slip resistance (even outdoor) as a polished plate - even the tread edge is polished.
The cantiliver granite staircase provides through its construction its own static; two 3 cm thick granite slabs are bonded with an internal network. Bolts and wall anchors hold the stair steps, whereby the inner stair construction is visible from all sides. This requires a polishing of the plates from all sides.
Granit Freitragende Treppen

Aesthetics at cantilever granite stairs

Cantilever granite stairs have a very special aesthetic that the viewer does recognize unconsciously immediately and consciously at second glance. By dispensing with the support of the cantilever granite stairs, they appear particularly light and delicate and due to the used material they are and seem very robust and stable at the same time. Builders appreciate cantilever granite stairs as particularly valuable and long-term investment. The natural stone with its original structure gives each step their own individuality, which is underlined by small irregularities. Of course we as provider only use high quality material. The bonding is carried out with glass fiber mats and epoxy glue - the sides polished stages sitting securely on the load-bearing wall on a wall anchor. For load transfer we use on the wall free side stair bolts. If the cantilever granite stair lead over a window, rigid bolts cater instead of the wall anchor for the safe static. Through this construction the cantilever granite staircases have an unique elegance, that supports a homely atmosphere in an incomparable manner.

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