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Granite Bolt Stairs




Ausstellungsräume Gütersloh

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Natural stone in the living area is both from the quality and visually considered a good choice. The exact laying and the decorative surfaces beautify the interior of apartments and houses and create a pleasant atmosphere. The naturalness of stones such as granite, slate, sandstone and marble works at the same time very modern.


Marmor Treppe

Marble Ruskita bolt stair 3+3 cm











To harmoniously match the interior of a house, often to every granite floors stairs made of granite stone are chosen. High quality granite bolt stairs are sustainable procurement, because their ruggedness and elegant appearance stand for timelessness, elegance and tradition. The AG Natursteinwerke offer perfect quality and precision work, ranging from the quarry up to the accurate laying. The floors, stairs and other elements are sold under exclusive services in a personal consultation and an outstanding price-performance ratio. The service includes the individual measuring, cutting and laying / installing what constitutes the uniqueness of high-quality products.






The granite bolt stairs are considered as noble and long-term investment that increases the value of a property – both visually and financially. In the entrance hall a granite staircase cantilevered creates an atmospheric ambience and at the same time a lot of freedom. As the staircase is not supported because of the bolt construction, the space under it remains free and allows more light. Despite the robust granite material the stages look delicate and easy. They seem to float in space and lend the stairwell or hallway an airy feel.

Another advantage of the granite staircase bolt accrues by the grain of natural granite. The structure and color of the individual stages is very noble and creates an unicum, which can't be seen anywhere else. Individuality and immortality do a representation of character and sense of style of the granite stair. The self-supporting staircase can be combined with a steel or chrome railing, but also can be limited with glass plates or other elements. The granite staircase looks definitely precious, only by its distinctive appearance.

Bolzentreppe Granit

The high quality materials of natural stone stairs offer safety and attractiveness. The granite bolt staircase is composed of the steps, the corresponding wall anchors and the stair bolts. Here a step exists of two granite slabs, which are glued at least 3 centimeters thick and with epoxy adhesive resin and a tissue mat of fiberglass. Depending on the specific requirements of the customer or of the ambient conditions, the stages are produced as straight or coiled stairs and are thoroughly polished on all sides.

To ensure the reliably security, premium wall anchors and bolts are used for fastening. Load-bearing walls with a thickness of at least 17 centimeters provide secure grip for the wall anchors that are placed under each step. So each step is securely supported. If there is no wall tie because of a glass element, bolts are used. The opposite side of the stage (not wall side) is fixed by stair bolts which also have load-bearing properties. So the granite staircase provides security and an attractive ambience.

During the draft, the customers will receive an in-depth advice and an offer that is free of charge. For this purpose, it should be agreed to an on site appointment. Depending on the personal preferences the professionals of AG Natursteinwerke offer also matching floors, window sills and other elements in granite and other natural stone materials.

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