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Granite is one of the most popular materials in the field of natural stone sorts, which can be attributed to its proverbial hardness: The extremely stable and sturdy stone can be used versitale outside and indoor and is all over the world used as a building material.

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Fascination Granite

With Granite you get a piece of earth's history into your house: The rock was formed millions of years ago in the depths of the earth and thus represents an original and natural product that set trend accents in the currently prevailing environment and acts in harmony with its surroundings. The nature itself has become immortalized as an artist in every single stone: Granite tiling impress with their exciting and unique surface structure and the fascinating play of colors; every piece of it is a unicum made from the earth.
The richness of facets is also achieved by the range of colors, which starts from brownish and yellowish shades to blue tones until red and black colorings. For that reason granite slabs can be combined with almost any furniture style.

Granite Selection ➤

The popularity of the material in the construction sector can not only be explained by its unique look and the oscillating play of colors and structures, the reason is mainly the solidity and hardness of the stone. Depending on the surface treatment the granite slabs can be used as flooring as well as kitchen- or vanity tops and convince with the resistance of the stone, which can be exposed to acidic materials as well as heavy loads. In the area of floor tiles and the covering for stairs the natural stone is especially popular. If the stone was processed appropriate, it has a special skid resistance and guarantees step resistance.

This unique natural product is of particular sustainability, in mining and processing virtually pollution-free and a this singular individual product has numerous advantages compared to industrially manufactured products. In the assortment of the AG Natursteinwerke there is a wide range of different variants of this building material. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, for floors, stair coverings, countertops or washbasins: The solidity and durability of this natural stone is only surpassed by the exclusive and elegant look, which ensures individuality in each room - each building has a very special designs.

Granit AG Natursteinwerke

I. The specifics of granite

Granit: Arctic Blue als Bodenbelag

is available in all facets and forms as example as tiles, stairs or kitchen countertops .

Generally granite is medium to coarse-grainy. It has a homogeneous mineral distribution and from this resulting relatively uniformly optics. The size of the crystals varies most between 1 mm and several centimeters. Usually you can see all of the crystals with your naked eye.

The color spectrum of granite ranges from light gray in to bluish, red and yellow. The color spectrum depends on the type of solidification (crystallization) and environmental influences, which has been exposed to the rock. The mineral content of the rock has an important role too.

europas größte auswahl an fliesen

Granite Selection ➤

You can use granite in the kitchen for countertops or in the bath (bathroom) for vanity plates or panelling. Granite need protection and care. Many customers think that the granite is very dense because of the polish, but granite can get dirty too (eg with oil or cosmetics). For this reason, a sealing and waterproofing is imperative. But you can also deliberately change the surface by eg deepen the color (with color intensifier) or by creating a lasting wet effect. Of course you get an advice for cleaning and maintenance of granite personally from us.

It is equally wrong to think that granite would be unproblematic when laying. It may lead to stains from the grout, the silicone can leave ugly spots. To lay the stone appropriate is an art in itself. Let us show you the beauty and please talk to us if you need any help with the laying / installation.

Granite has because of its high resistance, hardness and weather resistance and because of the good grinding and polishing properties a big economic importance in the construction industry.

Granite can be used in the interior design as wall covering, stairs, bolt, self-supporting spindle spiral staircase, interior stairs, outdoor stairs, pyramid stairs, bowling stairs, reinforced concrete flooring and flooring as example

Granit: Baltic Red

Red granite

Baltic Red

Baltic Rot is a dark red granite. He has very rounded or large ball bullet holes. The stone is frost resistant and has a resistant polish. He can be used as a decorative stone inside, outside, on wall and in the floor.

Granite: Baltic Red

Granit: Impala India

Dark granite

Impala India

Impala India is a deep dark gray granite. The stone is frost resistant and has a resistant polish. He can be used as decorative stone inside and outside, as building stone, as stairs and on floors and walls.

Granite: Impala India

River White Granit

Bright granite

River White

A beautiful granite with copper-colored inclusions. With a very new mine, which has been re-mined.

Granite: River White

S. Labradorite

Colored granite


S-Labradorite is a granite on which the earth history is behold marvelous. He excel a wide range of visible fossils. A very exlusive, unique stone.

Granite: S-Labradorite

Arctic Blue Extra

Colored granite

Arctic Blue Extra

A very exotic granite with gemstone lapis Latio. The granite is mined in a mine in Scandinavia.

Granite: Arctic Blue Extra

other types of granite ➤

Granit als Bodenbelag im Wohnbereich

II. Classic natural stone - The emergence of granite

"Feldspar, quartz and mica, these three I forget never", this short mnemonic is ideally suited to internalize the three components of the composition of granite. Granite is formed by the solidification of molten rock, thus the material is a classic natural stone, a so-called hard rock, which can look back in his development on millions of earth's history. The term "Granite" is derived from the Italian word "granito", which roughly means translated "grained". Presumably granite is one of the most widely spread types of stone and is consistently found on every continent. Generally, granite is medium-grained or coarse-grained and has a broad spectrum of colors on it. The color scheme in granite ranges from light gray to bluish, reddish and yellowish stains.

Granit Bodenbelag: Imperial White
III. The special color game of granite

These color games are natural and depend on the type of solidification, better said the crystallization which has passed through the granite, the environmental influences, which has been exposed to the stone and the mineral content. Granite is durable, weatherproof, robust and are considered as very hard material. In addition, the granite processing is promising because this stone has good grinding and polishing properties and thus can be processed in different variants.
All of these properties make granite an extremely popular natural stone - the granite processing is varied and the material can be used and applied in many different ways. The high quartz content of granite ensures the hardness of the rock, not for nothing there is literally a proverb for stubborn people: "To bite on granite". This hardness also brings benefits for the granite processing with itself: The high proportion of quartz makes the granite suitable for the processing technology of the flaming, which means that the crystals of granite jump in this process and give it a rough surface.

Granit im Badezimmer

IV. Special features of granite

The rough surface ensures slip resistance, which can be especially in an outdoor installation a great advantage. Another way of granite processing is the technique of brushing that ensures that the flamed granite undergoes another level of refinement. Brushed granite has a more smooth surface than flamed granite, but still meets the requirements of slip resistance.

The advantage of brushed granite is that it provides a softer surface on which dirt can't stick good and can be removed optimally. Brushed granite is used in indoors too, for example, it is often used for wellness areas, because the surface flatters bare soles and simultaneously prevents the slide. Due to its resistance and weather resistance granite is an excellent material for outdoor use, especially in comparison to other natural stones like shale, which is not frost resistant and therefore only conditionally suited for outdoor use. Granite however, despite the wind and weather, it is very often used as a paving stone, but also for decorative elements such as bird baths or fountains. Even as external wall cladding and flooring granite is excellent. Grave stones from granite are timeless and defy the demands of the external conditions - they also act noble and elegant in their simple beauty. That because granite is often used for monuments too.

Padang Dunkel - Terrassenplatten
V. Versatile natural stone for indoor and outdoor

The variety of granite also proves that he is not only a natural stone for outdoor use, but also a classic in the interior. Stairs made of granite, suitable for both interior and exterior, are welcome elements, even indoors a granite floor acts individually and is a real eye-catcher. Especially granite is used for washbasins and kitchen countertops. This is due to the hardness of the material, the solidity of the stone and its scratch resistance. Granite is resistant to the effects of acid, vinegar or lime, which makes it an ideal material in kitchens and bathrooms. Even the inherent individuality of the color structure and the structure of the stone provides a classically elegant atmosphere. Whoever has for example a granite countertop, always must realize that this stone is a product that is looking back on millions of earth's history and caused by tremendous forces inside the earth, it's not industrially manufactured commodity, it is a unique piece.

Each plate of natural stone is a unicum, which already differs to its adjacent in the color game and leaves his own accents. This inherent solitaire effect makes the natural stone and as natural stone marked the granite, a particularly appealing material. Precisely because of its diversity in structure and color, granite is preferably used for washstands as well as for kitchen countertops and tabletops. Buildings made of granite are investments in the future in the consciousness of millions of years of past.

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