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Durable parquet


Natural oils make your parquet durably shine

A parquet from AG Natursteinwerke has for any colour shade a brushed and biologically oiled surface. The natural oil protects your parquet from penetrating humidity, while the pores of the natural material remain open. The combination of cleaning and care continuously ensures that the dirt particles are removed and the pores remain protected.


Regular cleaning and care maintains your luxury parquet nicely and hygienically clean for decades. Indulge your 100% biological and natural parquet a coordinated care, which is completely harmless to health. With the cleaning products by AG Natursteinwerke your parquet is antibacterially and regeneratively maintained. The natural breathability of the surface is preserved by use of high-grade oils. As intended by nature, the natural structure of the wood automatically fights bacteria by its own and contributes to a healthy living climate.


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Shining also in the bathroom with natural floors

Due to the special build of the easy-care parquet with 3-layer-system it is also possible to use it in the bathroom. The described characteristics make the parquet that resistant and robust, that natural wood can even be processed on the floor in comparably damp rooms. Held true for a long time that parquet is very maintenance-intensive and sensitive, conversely the floorboards of the new generation are almost everywhere applicable.


Due to an optically seamless laying even at this neuralgic location an ingress of moisture is inhibited, which is improving the hygienical comfort of the flooring even more. Especially in the bathroom you will put special emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness, what you will be able to manage using high-grade easy-care parquet.


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A permanently trendy flooring without grinding

The exquisite parquet from AG Natursteinwerke doesn't need complex grinding thanks to the well thought out build and when well maintained. The biologically oiled and natural structure of the wood is preserved and thus the floor can regenerate itself. By regular cleaning and occasional care you will provide the parquet with nutrients it requires for living and breathing.


You will enjoy the wonderful optic and the warm and cozy atmosphere with our luxury parquet also in combination with floor heating. The traditional craftsmanship during manufacturing makes this possible guaranteed without any artificial substances. With that you don't need to be afraid of any vapours. Enjoy the great feeling of a scratch-resistant, slip-resistant and durable parquet floor, which is seamlessly laid a real eyecatcher for many years. Get informed by our professional employees at the showrooms or by phone and e-mail how easy it is to maintain your parquet dazzlingly beautiful with biological cleaning and care products.


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