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Coloured porcelain stoneware

 Showroom NRW, Gütersloh


Coloured porcelain stoneware



Design of rooms and outdoor areas with tiles enjoy increasing popularity. If natural stone tiles, ceramic tile or solid colored porcelain stoneware tiles contribute to optical decoration and design the environment comfortable. They also offer many practical advantages. They are robust and durable, take little moisture and are resistant to frost. The tile surface is smooth but has the anti-slip properties. This condition allows the use of tiles for the most diverse purposes. In the wet areas in the bathroom and in the kitchen make just as well as in the hall and even in living rooms. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether for wall or floor tiles, the tiles are available in many different shapes and sizes. So can be creatively design: mosaics on small wall faces up to the end of suffering a complete surface. An important design question concerns the color selection and pattern of the tiles. In this context coloured porcelain stoneware offers a diverse selection of solid subtle tones.



Solid colored porcelain stoneware is similar to ceramics, produced from a rock mass which is fully colored. This is different to other types of tiles, whose surface is glazed and colored in this way. Solid colored porcelain stoneware is characterized by a more concise and natural true color. It can be a particularly harmonious appearance of tiled surfaces. A further advantage of this type of tiles is, that you can very excellent imitate other natural building materials. This is the way to create some models as a wood, marble, slate or graphite optics. The appearances of many natural stone types can be used with solid colored porcelain stoneware perfectly imitate. In the wide color selection of this tile type, there are finely tuned white, beige, brown, black and gray tones. The ones who like a stylish and imaginative design of tiled walls and floors, is at the right place with these versatile tiles.







Creating creative living rooms

Tiles meet especially in the wet areas of the kitchen and bathroom a practical use, because they are easy to clean and are resistant to moisture. Their hard and smooth surface prevents the ingress of moisture and dirt effectively. So it only needs a sweep and wipe to the tiled floor, to keep it clean. But also in the living area, tiles fit exceptionally well. With their forms and colors, there can be individual design ideas can be implemented which are a real eye-catcher in the living rooms. For demanding design in the living area, particularly porcelain stoneware tiles do fit. While the color of ordinary tiles are often relatively monotonous, dyed fine stone tiles offer unique colors and patterns. Also they complement their pattern to a natural total work of art. With them you can even create a noble wood or natural stone look. This can give the premises an unique flair.



Porcelain stoneware in the bathroom


Of course porcelain stoneware tiles are also for the bathroom. Here you can set a welcome change from the generally prevailing white and beige tiles. Real natural colors and patterns set new accents and contribute to the relaxed atmosphere. You can get your bathroom to a true wellness oasis. If you modernize the whole bathroom and the walls and the floor, or only bathtub, shower or covering the wash basin, porcelain stoneware brings new life and new momentum in the bathroom.


Porcelain stoneware in the kitchen


All the benefits of tiles as their robustness, the water-repellent surface and the ease of care is also distinguished in porcelain stoneware. Therefore, there is no reason not to modernize the kitchen with porcelain stoneware tiles. Also in the kitchen area, the porcelain stoneware tiles ensure variety and a new style. It is ideal to create a matched color combination of floor tiles and worktop. Porcelain stoneware tiles with their exclusive design ensure that cooking does fun again and the kitchen is more than just a working space. Stylish design and first-class functionality are also no contradiction in porcelain stoneware. Whether water, food or grease splashes, kitchen tiles usually must withstand a lot. With porcelain stoneware tiles, this is no problem. Its surface is water-rejecting and easy to clean. Because of the coloring of the entire tile the coloring and appearance of porcelain stoneware are after a longer period of time and in the case of intensive stress unimpaired.


Other applications


Living area, bathroom and kitchen are just three of many possible areas of use for porcelain stoneware. Also the covering of staircases, walls or to tile terraces, porcelain stoneware can be used. Elegant design and striking appearance always go hand in hand with durability and ease of care. Color and pattern of porcelain stoneware make it particularly attractive to use in all locations where still other building materials were used, whether wood, parquet or natural stone. Porcelain stoneware optically perfectly fits in here and sets a counterpoint with a different material. In this way a stylish and intelligently designed living environment can be realized. Porcelain stoneware bears both indoor and outdoor area for the improvement of living comfort.



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