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Certifications & legitimacy


Geprüfte Qualität  


In the mining and production: Continuously the rocks are checked for their required properties. Through regular visits to the mining and production facilities we improve the manufacture standards continuously according to the current state of the art. So we can guarantee a quality standard, which also suits to the highest customer demands.




The EU Ecolabel is recognized in all member states of the European Union, but also from Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland as EU Ecolabel. The in 1992 voluntary introduced character EU Regulation (Regulation EWG 880/92) has gradually become a reference for consumers who wish to contribute to the purchase of greener products and services to reduce the pollution.




ANAB, whose activity began in 1999, is an authority that looks after the dissemination of the principles of sustainable design based on research, training and consultancy and thereby certifies the sustainability of construction products. 

The label identifies products which conformity is certified with the evaluation criteria, which they are subjected in the review by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certifications & legitimacy. The ICEA is engaged in the analysis of products which apply for the Eco-label and evaluate the results on the basis of set standard values.

It is one of the most important institutions of the department in Europe and has already certified more than 11,000 companies with strong ethical, environmental and social values.

The objective pursued by the Certifications & legitimacy of biological building materials, is clearly "improving the quality of building materials by reducing pollutant emissions, of the energy consumption and using renewable resources during the phases of pre-production, the post production and after the production, within the meaning of environmental and healthy protection and in terms of the safety of workers and users. "




Made in Italy

The MADE IN ITALY-Certifications & legitimacy is a certificate that is recognized worldwide. "Made in Italy" means the carefully checking of the quality, of the production materials used and the individual production steps.




GBC Italia

The U.S. Green Building Council is a non-profit trade organization that works for reaching sustainably constructed buildings. Sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations and to meet their own needs. 

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (also LEED shortly) Green Building Rating System is a programm for voluntary Certifications & legitimacy, that aims to strengthen and promote the exceptional performance of sustainable buildings. Based on the valuation of a building the planner has the opportunity to immediately know the significance of his design decisions referred to environmental impacts, which are divided into five categories that affect and involve the health of humans and the environment. The categories are divided into requirements that are evaluated on a scientific basis.


1. Sustainable construction

2. Water efficiency

3. Air quality in the building

4. Energy and atmosphere

5. Materials and resources




Lifetime warranty on all products of the AG Natursteinwerke

We the AG Natursteinwerke always act according to the maxim: "Your house, is our house is". Thats why our full range of products has only the highest quality standards.

The technical innovations and characteristics of the tiles and paving materials are not simply designed just to exist for eternity, but also to inspire through its exclusive and elegant appearance and to transform your living room into something special.

Because of this you get for each of our products a lifetime guarantee of durability.






The CE mark is a kind of passport for products within the European single market. It indicates that the product complies with the relevant 89/106 EU directive - especially in relation to health and safety of users and consumers -  and may thus be placed anywhere on the community market.


Our Certifications & legitimacys are based on our group of companies which the AG Natursteinwerke is connected to.

For more than 40 years is the certificate - Ceramics of Italy - the highest premium quality for high-tech porcelain stoneware.

In our group of companies, our products have been certified by TÜV Süd Italia.

Our Certifications & legitimacys are based on our group of companies which the AG is connected Natursteinwerke.


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