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High-Tech Joint Supplies


AG Natursteinwerke High-tech joint flex special - brilliant & beautiful for a lifetime

In addition to the application for natural stone & high-tech porcelain stoneware in designer hotels, boutique hotels, apartment buildings and private properties, our high-tech joint is used on luxury liners and private yachts. On luxury yachts of famous personalities we have already worked with our high-tech joint.

Lifetime warranty on our High-Tech Fuge



- Suitable for wall and flooring
- Large tiles coverings
- Underfloor heating
- Porcelain stoneware
- Natural and artificial stone coverings
- Coverings on decoupling systems
- the joint color will be individually wird individuell adapted for a jointless optics



- Unique in the world
- Color stable
- No risk to health
- For high hygienic requirements
- Ready, smooth consistency
- Joint width from 1 - 5 mm
- Mildew resistant, antibacterial
- Dirt-repellant, closed surface




The high-tech joint flex special is a specially designed, ready joint material for grouting of cork, wood, glass, porcelain, metal and ceramics, discoloration-resistant marble, natural stone and granite of 1 - 5 mm joint width.




Feautures: dirt-, water- and mold-resistant, color stable suitable for wall and floor, for stringent hygienic requirements, suitable for decoupling systems and easily deformable substrates.


Processing: Cut the high-tech joint 310 ml cartridge with a utility knife, above the thread and unscrew the nozzle. Insert cartridge into the cartridge press. Cut the spout about 2 mm wider than the joint width. Put the cartridge with the cut spout flat on the joint edge and spray/squeeze grout from the cartridge. It should be noted that the joint chamber is fully filled with grout. When placing the cartridge press, relax the cartridge.


Our in-house professional publisher with the high-tech joint


Smoothing and cleaning: Erode the excess grout when it is fresh with a joint smoother. The joint can then be smoothed with a viscose sponge or joint-clean sponge and clean water.


Hardening: about 2 mm per day at 20 ° C and 50% humidity. Foot traffic possible after about 2 days.


Storage: Store in a cool and frost-proof spot, consume opened cartridge shortly.


Storability: Max. 6 month, depending on the design/color, in closed original cartridge. Permanent temperatures above 20 ° C, can greatly reduce and influence the storage and handling capability .


Disposal: Cartridges with hardened residues are construction Waste. Empty containers are recyclable through the collection of recyclables (green dot).

Datenblatt High-Tech Fuge


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