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Pure Bianco AG Porcelain stoneware tiles

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Hardness grade / Abrasion after Mohs from 7-9 (in comparison: Diamond has 10)


- Harder than granite
- Suitable for underfloor heating
- Very easy to clean
- Technical specifications
- rectified / calibrated


Flooring and stair covering  

Type of rock:
Dyed porcelain stoneware

Surface finishn:
Polished or semigloss soft ( nano-sealed )

30x60, 60x60, 75x75, 150x75, 100x100, 150x100, 150x150, 300x100, 300x150

Stock item: after consultation with transport, Europe-wide


- Delivery from our factory Europe-wide
- Prices valid from 01.04.2016
- In all prices are 40 % discount calculated
- Prices are subject to change
- The surcharge for small quantities is eliminated from 30m²
** All prices quoted per m², incl. VAT. & Packaging **



Certifications & legitimacy





Formats Surfaces Price Availability
30x60x1 cm 95,90 €/m² Stock item
30x60x1cm 85,50 €/m² Stock item
60x60x1cm 98,90 €/m² Stock item
60x60x1cm 88,90 €/m² Stock item
75x75x0,6cm 109,00 €/m² Stock item
75x75x0,6cm 99,00 €/m² Stock item
150x75x0,6cm 119,00 €/m² Stock item
150x75x0,6cm 109,00 €/m² Stock item
100x100x0,6cm 129,00 €/m² Stock item
100x100x0,6cm 119,00 €/m² Stock item
150x100x0,6cm on request Stock item
150x100x0,6cm on request Stock item
150x150x0,6cm on request Stock item
150x150x0,6cm on request Stock item
300x100x0,6cm on request Stock item
300x100x0,6cm on request Stock item
300x150x0,6cm on request Stock item
300x150x0,6cm on request Stock item


Skirting boards:

Formats Surfaces Price Availability
60x9x1cm on request Stock item
60x9x1cm on request Stock item


Pure Bianco AG – the world's lightest porcelain stoneware tile 

The Pure Bianco AG is the brightest and most radiant porcelain tile, you will find on the world. Through our patented process the Pure Bianco AG is unique and brings spaces and areas inimitable to glow. Beaming bright white with high-tech features ensures exclusive accents in your living room.

Application areas of the Pure Bianco AG

The pure white surface of the Pure Bianco AG exudes an elegant atmosphere and gives rooms a special flair. The porcelain stoneware tile has the robust and resistant properties of the material with a nano-sealed surface. With the Pure Bianco AG you lay a high-tech luxury flooring, which you get worldwide exclusively with us.

Increase the futuristic elegant effect of Pure Bianco AG by the seamlessness laying with our unique high-tech high-tech joint. Create seamless overall surfaces in radiant white, which can be found worldwide. The high-tech joint is color matched perfectly and meet the highest standards in ease of maintenance and hygiene.

Durability and application areas of the Pure Bianco AG

Harder than granite you will have a life-long joy of easy-care Pure Bianco AG. Our patented manufacturing process guarantees the best long term quality of the material and a unique design. High-tech features for your floor and your stairs - enjoy an exclusive living experience.

Create floors and stairs in the world's brightest porcelain stoneware Pure Bianco AG. Our special production provides you a seamless transition from floor and stairs of the same porcelain stoneware. Let the brilliant white from flow from the top over the stairs to the floor - completely seamlessly with our technology and matching supplies.

Showroom and advice

Discover in our large showroom live the action of the world's unique porcelain stoneware Pure Bianco AG. Our knowledgeable staff can advise you and we will realize together your plans.

High-quality materials should be laid professionally with the best supplies. We keep own brand adhesive, high-tech joint and expert advice for you - just contact us!


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No idle time - personal counseling

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