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Bolt stairs made of natural stone

Advantages - Construction - Service

Helle Natursteintreppe mit Bolzen aus mattem Chrom

In our exhibition, you can choose between 650 different natural stone types and colors for your bolt stairs (unique in Europe).

Self-supporting they will only mounted in the interior area. In this type of staircase, the individual stages are connected to each other with metal pins. The high light transmission between the pins let the stairs look filigree and thus generates a special experience.

With us you get the stairs from one source: Stock, production and installation Europe-wide. We will make you an free of charge offer. Ask us or visit us in our exhibition in Gütersloh in Bielefeld (NRW).

The advantages: Why a bolt stair?

Bolt stairs are a very special optical highlight in any modern building. In particular in the own home sets the as in the weightlessness of floating staircase aesthetic accents.

No matter whether you decide a stair covering of granite, marble, natural stone or other materials, the missing base is responsible that dark corners and hard-to-clean angle are things from the past.

Instead, everything is free and you can see through from all sides between the stair stages. This will not only ensure more free space, but also generates more brightness. Because nothing can prevent the light now, to railway its way even under the stairs.

Bolzentreppe aus Marmor Bianco Carrara Granit Imperial White als Treppbenbelag
Bolt stair made from
Marble Bianco Carrara
Granite Imperial White
as stair covering

Treppenstufen aus Granit Paradiso Bash Granit Ivory Cream Bolzentreppe
Staircases made from
Granite Paradiso Bash
Granite Ivory Cream
Bolt stair

Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Travertino Classico antik

Treppenbelag: Porto Schiefer

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto poliert

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto antik

Treppenbelag: Granite Multicolor Red

Treppenbelag: Granite Imperial White

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto antik

Treppenbelag: Marble Cleopatra Gold


Our service

The AG Natursteinwerke is a renowned specialist in the manufacture and installation of bolt stairs. There must be a detailed, competent and patient consultation on site expected.

The knowledgeable and experienced employees develop together with the customer a selection of possible way of appropriate forms for the staircase, exactly to your needs. In addition, they advise the customer of the benefits of the various building materials that are available. The result is a staircase that can be tailored to meet the needs and tastes of our customers.

But the service at the AG Natural stone goes far beyond the individual advice, which also included in all detail always remains free of charge. The company also offers - all work steps to the finished assemblies of stairs from a single source.

Different types of construction

A basic distinction is made between two types: self-supporting or bearing with railings. If stairs are completely free floating in the air and the individual treads through pin-shaped connections attached to each other, the only option for the stabilizer is a mounting in the wall. On the other hand is an additional railing desired, this will also considered with a supporting function.

In addition, the majority of the bolt constructions have asymmetric stages, which begin extensively and with increasing height becoming flatter. However, this is often not only because of the optical decoration, but sometimes also includes static benefits.


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