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Natural Stone Stairs


A natural stone stairway gives both small corridors as well as spacious entrance areas an exceptional note and stresses to the individuality of the house and its inhabitants. Natural stone stairs are a timeless, long-term and valuable investment.


Practically each granite and marble sort can be used as stairs carpet. Search on our website for a natural stone that you like, and request a quote.


With us you get the stairs from one source: Stock, production and installation Europe-wide. We will make you an free of charge offer. Visit us in our exhibition in Gütersloh in Bielefeld (NRW).

FAQ: How do I get my concrete stairs / bolt stairs?


Our samples gallery


Treppenbelag: Calacatta King

Treppenbelag: Calacatta King

Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Bianco Venatino

Treppenstufenbelag: Marble Miros

Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Travertino Classico antik

Bolzentreppe: Ruskita Classico

Treppenbelag: Travertino Navona

Treppenbelag: Ruskita Creme

Treppenbelag: Porto Schiefer

Bolzentreppe: Ruskita

Treppenstufenbelag: Marble Miros

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto poliert

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto antik

Treppenbelag: Granite Multicolor Red

Treppenbelag: Granite Imperial White

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto antik

Treppenbelag: Marble Cleopatra Gold



In which kind of stairs are you interested?



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Stair configurator


Use our stairs configurator, to get a picture in advance of your new staircase. Click on the desired type of stairs, select your favorite stone and it will display your desired steps.


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