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Buy porcelain stoneware tiles in many formats

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Buy porcelain stoneware tiles in many shapes and sizes


We, the AG Natursteinwerke, offer you Europe's largest selection of porcelain stoneware in many shapes and sizes, whether as tiles, stair covering, terrace boards or wall covering. With us you can buy directly for both indoor as well as outdoor application and choose from a vast assortment of different tiles.


I. Colors, shapes and format diversity

The special feature of high-tech porcelain is the amazing variety of different colors and surface finishes - we offer porcelain stoneware tiles in marble, granite and wood optics whereby the tiles can’t be distinguish from their natural model. Especially the stoneware tiles in wooden optics are absolutely in the trend and due to their special properties suitable for each room. They are suitable as wall and floor coverings in all rooms whether bathroom, kitchen or living area, due to its unique charisma, our high-tech porcelain stoneware products ensure an incredible feel-good atmosphere.
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II. Easy-care, robust and harder than granite

Our high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles are factory nano-sealed and are thus very easy to care for and durable, even heavy soiling are easy to remove and may harm the porcelain stoneware absolutely nothing. The surface is anti-slip and our entire stoneware tiles range is suitable for the use of floor heating. By the modern manufacturing processes the porcelain stoneware products are harder than granite and by almost nothing to spoil.

III. Experience stoneware and porcelain stoneware tiles in natura

In our showroom in Gütersloh you can choose from our wide selection of porcelain stoneware in natura and experience directly on site an overview of the different varieties of them. Our experts have many years of experience and advise you as architects, let our selection inspire you and enjoy the unique atmosphere in our showroom. Our customers come across Europe in our exhibition to get a picture of their desired tiles. Buy porcelain stoneware directly from our experts in one of our sites in the whole Europe.


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