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Telefon und Fax der AG Natursteinwerke
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Buy porcelain stoneware at AG Natursteinwerke

Showroom in Gütersloh (NRW)

Buy porcelain stoneware at the AG Natursteinwerke

In our porcelain stoneware assortment you can find both elegant and extravagant tiles.

Our high-tech porcelain is factory nano-sealed and is particularly easy tocare and insensitive, after the laying an impregnation is no longer necessary.

Application of porcelain stoneware

In addition to our porcelain stoneware tiles for the inner area, you can also buy porcelain stoneware terrace plates. Porcelain stoneware tiles are suitable as flooring, wall coverings, concrete pavement steps and for the outdoor area. All of our high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles are a matter of course suitable for floor heating.

Porcelain stoneware in wood look

Our high-tech porcelain assortment includes a variety of wood optics. From light wood optics, up to very dark optics. Our stoneware tiles in wooden optics are from the structure and the optics hardly to distinguish with the naked eye from the natural original.

Porcelain stoneware in marble look

Marble is a very noble carpet which is frequently used in the luxury hotels of the world. In our porcelain stoneware assortment you will find impressive high-tech porcelain stoneware in marble look. The marble look is the original marble perfectly modeled, even for experts, it is very difficult to detect the difference.

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