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Luxury tiles


Unique interior design

High-quality made tiles of naturals stones and porcelain stoneware allow impressive luxurious interior design. Exclusivity results from the perfect implementation of each tailored solution, that was developed with the use of luxury tiles. The exclusive impression of the tiles caused by a complicated work which is reflected in its polished, brushed, rough-hewn or between matte and glossy changing surfaces, on its fascinating color brilliance and on the precise dressed edges and corners.


Modern Luxury



Premium quality, 1st choice



Goldene Linie: Gold

Golden Line: Gold

Premium quality, 1st choice



Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

Premium quality, 1st choice


Tiger Eye


Golden Line: Silver

Premium quality, 1st choice



Selection of tiles

The variety of materials and colors

Luxury tiles impress every viewer. Whether granite, marble or porcelain stoneware, sandstone, slate, travertine, or antique marble – all requirements can be met. Special optical effects arise when combining various natural stone materials. Nature also provides an infinite variety of available natural stone colors. Luxurious tiles in white, blue or yellow quartz, from rose quartz, gray, brown-orange, blue or violet amethyst or other semi-precious stones will delight lovers of natural stone tiles. White, golden, brown, red or black porcelain stoneware in countless hues and structures, with wood or slate effect, monochrome or with fine onyx drawings, with wood or slate effect - they don't leave a wish unfulfilled.




Porcelain stoneware selection


The material properties of high-quality tiles

Beside a decorative design of tiles especially the selected quality material conveys a luxurious impression: The material strength of high-quality natural stone tiles guarantees a high degree of durability. The good heat conduction guaranteeing natural stone tiles, provide a pleasant living environment. Simultaneously, natural stone tiles prove heat- and hotness-resistant, but also are resistant to forst and the most chemical loads. Our Premium tiles are distinguished by ease of maintenance and environmental compatibility as well as color and light fastness. The deep penetrating light in quality natural stones shows the noble crystal structure of the stone and causes fantastic light and color effects.

I. Decorative Elegance

An elegant impression created by large tiles, which can be used, for example, with a format of 30 x 90, but also in an impressive size of 100 x 300 square centimeters and can effect rooms to be particularly big and noble.

Tile decorations for wall and floor tiles are available in modern, ancient, colorful and timeless styles. The durable and especially long-lasting exclusive tiles are often used in the design of floors and walls in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in hallways, terraces and balconies. Also functional areas like showers and bathtubs, stairs, shelves, shelf space or the panelling of counters can be designed stylish.

Noble decorations made of glass, natural stone or steel mosaics and rod mosaics bring the art of tiles to their best advantage. With decorative elements even first seemingly simple tiles be upgraded to luxury building material. As discreet final often on the tile edges a ceramic closer is placed. Diverse creative solutions arise from the combination of tiles made of natural stone with ceramic tiles. The impression of high quality tiles is produced by natural stone imitations, which allows special color variations and is characterized by flawless structures. The processing of these floor plates made of gold, silver, precious brass, or stainless steel leads to a particularly spectacular overall impression. Often the warm gold color is combined with balancing, cool silver shade. Composed of colored patterns, tile rosettes made of natural stone form a special eye-catcher for residential and business premises. Mosaic rosettes can also be placed on square, round, oval or in elongated shapes.

II. Tile images: Impressive wall motifs

With wood or ceramic framed borders, tile images are very useful as impressive wall motifs. Tile images can consist of a few tiles, but also can visually higlight an entire wall with a large format. Walls can be completely covered with tiles, which have floral motifs or geometric patterns. Also popular are classic patterns in particular from the direction of the neo-baroque style. Unique effects unfold large-scale murals and tapestries made of semiprecious stones.

III. For every need the matching exclusive tiles

The largest European assortment of high quality natural stone and fine porcelain stoneware has the AG Natursteinwerke in Gütersloh, Westphalia, which can look back on a more than a 100-year tradition as a retailer for natural stones and operating production facilities in Germany and Italy. The AG Natursteinwerke relates luxury stone material also from Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, South Africa and Brazil as well as from India, China and Japan. Customers from all over Europe visit the inexhaustible variety of precious natural stones in the more than 80,000-square-foot warehouse of AG Natursteinwerke and obtain expertise to design, advise on the latest natural stone trends and processing technologies, to the laying technology and the necessary cleaning and maintenance of the various tiles sorts before they choose the corresponding exclusive tiles for their needs.



Luxury tiles as eyecatcher

Agate Cezanne Halbedelstein Luxusfliese


Our tiles made of semiprecious stones are of the highest quality, the absolute measure of all things when it comes to tiles. We supply the tiles in any desired format, the tiles are manufactured exclusively tailored for you so they can be very widely used. They are suitable as flooring, wall covering, window sills, kitchen worktops and stair covering. These tiles provide an incredible atmosphere, their charisma makes any room appear in a very special shine and give it a very luxurious feeling of space. Tiles made of semiprecious stones are for example installed as counters - such constructions are an eye-catcher and inspire by their appearance.


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