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Living ideas with granite tiles

Are you planning to renovate your living spaces, are looking for new ideas and want to create completely new living interior design ideas? Then you should definitely employ times with granite tiles. Granite tiles are natural stone tiles and more durable than marble tiles, as they are harder. They are very durable, versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


AG Natursteinwerke - leader in Europe

The AG Natursteinwerke from Gütersloh in North Rhine-Westphalia is Europe's largest supplier of natural stones. Granite tiles are very different in color and grain, the colors range from blue, dark red over black to white gray. This allows each individual to realize his ideas and transform his home in a real oasis. Also the surface treatment (brushed, sanded, polished) of the granite tiles is very different, so the possibilities are limitless. Granite tiles can because of its low ceiling plate very well laid as flooring. With granite tiles for flooring, the living room is more intense and more advantageous. With such living ideas not only the interiors do shine, even the exteriors appear in a completely new light.

Realize living ideas in all rooms

The shown granite tiles cannot only be laid in the living area. Also in the hallway, in the bathroom or in the kitchen they make an excellent and inviting impression. This timeless material is suitable for all furnishing styles and with proper care granite tiles are a worthwhile investment.

Our granite tile living ideas were evaluated by our customers with 5/5 stars.

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