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Granite stairs


We come to the measurement, delivery and laying / installation Germany-wide

Unique in Europe - over 650 sorts to choose from

Granite stairs are components of at least three successive stages made of the plutonic rock granite. A distinction is made between stone stairs, exterior granite staircase, bolt stairs and staircases.

There are many variations of natural stone stairs: as self-supporting stairs, spindle, spiral, steel, spiral and luxury. Depending on the material the stairs made of natural stone barely scratching because granite stairs are very resistant. Also acoustically the granite staircase is much more advantageous. A wooden staircase on the other hand would scratch a lot faster. If you have also chosen a flamed granite staircase (outside) or a granite staircase and marble staircase with brushed surface (interior), the natural stone stair is really slip-resistant. In differene to tile stairs, which always have a joint grid, a stair made from a single piece of natural stone, of course looks more elegant. In the Outside the natural stone staircase has a huge building physical advantage - no joints in the stone treads - hardly a risk of water penetration.



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Granite stairs examples

Granit Betonbelag Treppe Granit Treppen Belag Granittreppen Belag
Juparana Colombo River Gold Labrador Scuro



Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Star Galaxy

Treppenbelag: Travertino Classico antik

Treppenbelag: Porto Schiefer

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto poliert

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto antik

Treppenbelag: Granite Multicolor Red

Treppenbelag: Granite Imperial White

Treppenbelag: Granite Nero Assoluto antik

Treppenbelag: Marble Cleopatra Gold




Check out our granite stairs and choose the right granite staircase for your home.



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