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Showroom München

Entrance door with Labradorite Lemourian in our showroom on Lake Starnberg


Currently under construction: Showroom AG Natursteinwerke in Munich Starnberg


Opening of our new showroom in Munich-Starnberg early 2017


Opening expected early 2017: 

AG Natursteinwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Location Lake Starnberg / Munich
Am Hohenrand 9
82335 Berg, Starnberg / Munich
Bayern Germany


Please note that at the moment at the location Starnberg / Munich is still not an exhibition. Until the opening of our exhibition in Munich you are welcome to visit our current showroom in Gütersloh, NRW, here we provide a comprehensive expert interior designer consultation.


Starnberg München



Soon in Munich 

AG Natursteinwerke is the brand in Europe for first-class natural stone products such as granite, marble and porcelain stoneware tiles.

Important gap closure

We know that the interest in high-quality natural stones is large, especially in the northern Alpine regions. Therefore we have decided to issue our offer also soon in Munich. At the beginning of the year 2017 the AG Natursteinwerke will open another own branch in Munich - Starnberg. The property there is already purchased, the preparations started. 

The location Munich is a particular matter of the heart, as we close a very important gap from our headquarters in Guetersloh - NRW. For all our customers in the northern Alpine region (Switzerland, France, Austria, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Italy) and in southern Germany, we are even more accessible in the future.

New home for natural stones

And of course we are happy that we will be present in a region that fits like no other in Germany to natural stones, a few kilometers away from the first majestic peaks of the Alps, not far from impressive natural places like the Lake Starnberg. The AG Natursteinwerke comes to a certain, natural second home.

Henceforth, you can inspect more than 2000 varieties of natural stones and porcelain stoneware tiles in Munich and can be impressed by the diverse and wonderful properties of natural stones. We will continue to consult and help you with great joy, to create the right expression for your home you want to achieve with the matching stones. Additionally we will help you to finde the right stones for the desired atmosphere.

Once the preparations are completed for our new site, you will find information for it here on our website. We will keep you further updated and will let you know exactly when we will open the exhibition in Munich. We look forward to welcoming you there.


München Karte

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