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REVOLUTIONARY - Porcelain stoneware stair covering


     Porcelain stoneware: R.Holz Moka                                  Porcelain stoneware: Thassos Perfect White



Stair covering made of high tech porcelain stoneware


  • AG Natursteinwerke expands production facilities, WORLDWIDE UNIQUE


  • Porcelain stoneware stairs in one piece without joints - same as at granite or marble.


  • Thanks to modern production facilities, it is also possible to manufacture porcelain stoneware stairs.  


  • Spiral staircases made from high-tech porcelain stoneware - unique possible at the AG Natursteinwerke






   Example covering









Front edge and side edge in cm 3 strenght as at natural stones


    • Stair covering made of high-tech porcelain stoneware matching with your flooring.
    • As with marble and granite stair coverings, these novel porcelain stoneware stair covering  provide a continuous step.
    • So you won't have annoying gaps anymore, which affects the appearance of your staircase.



Find more impressions of steps made of high-tech porcelain stoneware



Possible formats with stair covering made from high tech porcelain stoneware:
The maximum width is depending on the largest available tile format


Thanks to modern manufacturing, it is now possible to prepare individual stairs, window sills, baseboards and also mosaic tiles. This was not possible earlier, as these high-tech porcelain stoneware tiles were previously just available as tile format in our product range. 






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