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Himalaya Edelweiß Marble & Marble tiles


The Himalayan Edelweiß has a bright white base, which consists of individual minerals and crystalline and is typical for marble. The incomparably beautiful marble acts as an association of the most beautiful ice crystals. Himalayan Edelweiß is available in any format available from stock and can for example be designed as a basin or tub rear wall individually. The uniform and seamless look is created by the laying with the special non night blue high tech joint.

Available as:

Flooring & stair covering from the same charge
Bolt stairs, spiral staircases, covering stairs, concrete stairs, staircases, decking, kitchen countertop.



Type of rock:


- Germany-wide deliveryDeutschlandweite Lieferung der AG Natursteinwerke

- Delivery from our factory Europe-wide
- Prices valid from 01.04.2016
- In all prices are 40 % discount calculated
- Prices are subject to change
- The surcharge for small quantities is eliminated from 30m²
** All prices quoted per m², incl. VAT. & Packaging **

Formats Surfaces Price Availability
30,5x30,5x1 cm Polished, calibrated, chamfered on request Stock item
30,5x30,5x1 cm Antique brushed on request Stock item
30,5x61x1 cm Polished, calibrated, chamfered 159,00€/m² Stock item
30,5x61x1 cm Antique brushed on request Stock item
40x40x1 cm Polished, calibrated, chamfered on request Stock item
40x40x1 cm Antique brushed on request Stock item
40x60x1 cm Polished, calibrated, chamfered 179,00€/m² Stock item
40x60x1 cm Antique brushed on request Stock item
60x60x1,3 cm Polished, calibrated, chamfered on request Stock item
60x60x1,3 cm Antique brushed on request Stock item

Skirting boards:
Formats Surfaces Price Availability
61x8x1 cm Polished, calibrated, chamfered on request Stock item

Himalaya Edelweiß – icy white color game from marble   

The Himalaya Edelweiß is a particularly interesting marbled tile. Discover the impressive interplay of lighter marbling, which acts like ice crystals and pull the viewer into its spell. The bright marble tile is characterized by its timeless appearance, but also by its versatility.

Gentle dynamics for various applications - Himalaya Edelweiß

The gently dynamic play of colors of the fine white marble tile can be combined harmoniously with very different living styles. Partly playful, classic elegant, clean and modern - the extraordinary Himalayan Edelweiß works as cautious companion everywhere well. Explore the possibility of laying this unique style and befitting and to create a special effect.

With our unique high-tech joint and coordinated supplies you lay a seamless ice area in your premises. The high-tech joint is precisely adapted to the marble tile, so all joints visually disappear. We do not fool you - we will give you a lifetime warranty on our high-tech joint!

Lifetime joy with marble in Himalaya Edelweiß  

Our high-tech joint is absolutely color-stable and does not darken over the years. It is also designed for the highest hygienic requirements and is stain resistant. Get the beauty of marble tile and high-tech joint effortlessly with our coordinated care products.

Discover also the design options with made to measure workpieces that you can place as a highlight in the room. A washstand, acting like made of ice or window sills in the unique elegance of the Himalaya Edelweiß.

Application examples and consultation

The various applications of natural stones like marble can be discovered in our great showroom. Knowledgeable staff can explain the numerous areas of application and find the right stone and supplies for your interior design ideas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us , we will advise you personally and provide you custom-made offers. Natural stone is our expertise, use our years of experience.




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